Home Mining company will hire more than 2000 workers

Mining company will hire more than 2000 workers

24 January 2018 to 07: 33
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mining company in minas Gerais hiring

With 30% of the works on the project ready, mining company Galvani Mineroindustrial Complex of Serra do Salitre will open its doors in 2018

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Miner in the city of Serra do Salitre, located in Alto Paranaíba, has already managed to finalize the budget of 500 thousand reais and announced in the major communication vehicles that it will hire more than 2000 workers in 2018. , will now have a large movement of the Serra do Salitre Mining Industrial Complex.

The size of the mining company's activities site is 1.000.400 m² (one million and four hundred square meters), which will be divided into two parts: the mining area, the other for steel production. In the future, it will also produce fertilizers, according to Gustavo Horbachi, who is responsible for the company's projects sector.

Impacts on Serra do Salitre

The city hall is very happy with this news, because with this money that will enter the city's economy, the public power will be able to expand and improve the areas of health, education and other social programs. As the movement in the city due to these activities intensifies, there will be a need to increase the infrastructure as well.

Adriano Bernardes da Silva, who is the president of the Rural Union of Serra do Salitre, says that 80% have their economy based on coffee production, 20% on agriculture and companies. He stated that the city needed an investment of this magnitude and that “immigrants would be very welcome”, as this will bring prosperity and progress to the city. Want to register? Then type in your internet browser the address and drop off your resumes now. Source: Main Brazilian communication vehicles.

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