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Over 100 ships stalled amid Argentina strike, farm produce and meat spoiling

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 23/12/2020 às 10:10
Ships - Argentina - Agricultural products
Ships loaded with grain in the region of Rosario, Argentina 28/08/2020 REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

Workers' strike in Argentina leaves more than 100 ships stranded with agricultural products and meat

More than 100 cargo ships were blocked from loading agricultural products in Argentina on Monday as a wage strike by grain inspectors and oilseed workers extended into its second week, paralyzing exports of one of the world's main breadbaskets.

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Largest exporter of agricultural products is prevented from passing with its ships

Argentina is the biggest exporter of agricultural products on ships for cattle based on soy, used to fatten pigs and poultry, from Europe to Southeast Asia.

Contract talks between workers and export companies have been disrupted by compensation packages, with both sides accusing the other of intransigence and not letting either ship sail.

“The strike continues without any expectation that negotiations will restart in the short term. We have more than 100 ships waiting to be loaded," Gustavo Idigoras, head of the chamber of export companies in the CIARA-CEC from Argentina.

No meat or agricultural products to Brazil due to strike in Argentina

With soy meal and soy oil factories paralyzed by the strike, no trucks carrying soy entered Rosario's terminals on Monday, compared to 1.088 loads unloaded on Dec. 21, 2019, according to data from the Rosario Grains Exchange. Nor were soy trucks unloading in Rosário last week.

“There is a large participation of our members in the strike and every time the companies demonstrate, it generates more anger and much more support from the population,” said Urgara spokesman Juan Carlos Peralta.

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