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More than 300 vacancies open for a free Residential Electrician course throughout Brazil; without proof or registration fee. Sign up and get started now!

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 19/06/2024 às 10:07
free EAD Residential Electrician course
Photo: Free electrician courses

Institution opens registrations for hundreds of vacancies in free Residential Electrician course. The GINEAD institute offers a certificate at the end at no additional cost.

The GINEAD Institute, which works with the aim of spreading knowledge and developing professional training, has open registration for 300 places in the free Residential Electrician course. Therefore, the free Residential Electrician course is a great opportunity for those looking for a solid and well-paid career.

Check out all the details about the institution’s free courses

The free Residential Electrician course is very complete and its content was developed so that students can become professionals upon completing their studies. Free course participants will learn about:

  • Lifting electrical loads;
  • Residual differential switch (idr);
  • Sizing of the circuit breaker applied to the meter panel;
  • Sizing of conductors and circuit breakers;
  • Material lifting;
  • Electrical conductors;
  • Protective conductor section (ground wire or cable);
  • The use of dr devices;
  • Electric voltage and current;
  • Symbology;
  • Calculation of electric current in a circuit;
  • Power factor;
  • Thermomagnetic circuit breakers;
  • Residual differential circuit breaker (DR);
  • Distribution circuit;
  • Electric power;
  • Sizing of dr devices;
  • Terminal circuits;
  • Representation of conduits and conductors in the plant;
  • Connection schemes;
  • Protective conductor (ground wire or cable);
  • Type of supply and voltage;
  • Switchboard;
  • Sizing of conduits;
  • Input standard;
  • Planning the conduit network;
  • Calculation of distribution circuit power.

The free GINEAD course is free, that is, the student has the autonomy to decide what their study schedule will be. This system allows professionals to read texts anywhere and at any time. As the study is individualized, to be successful in the course, the student must read the texts carefully. 

Learn how to sign up for free courses electrician

Those who wish to participate in the free Residential Electrician course must access the course page on the GinEAD platform. Then select the “Enroll in this Course”. Afterwards, register and complete the registration for the free course.

It is important to mention that this course aims to train professionals from different areas of knowledge and students who wish to update themselves on the subject, who are looking for new challenges, and wish to learn more about the topic.

At the end of the free Residential Electrician course, the student has the option of issuing a course completion certificate, upon payment of a fee, and the certificate is valid throughout Brazil, accepted in academic institutions, competitions and companies.


The free online residential electrician course gives you the right to access only the modules and the assessment. As the certificate is not free, students who wish to issue the digital certificate must pay an issuance fee.

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