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MRS Logística opens registrations in a new selection process for railway operations, requiring a secondary level for vacancies in MG, RJ and SP

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 29/05/2024 às 20:57
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Prepare for a successful career in the railway industry with this free, high-quality course selection process. Sign up now and guarantee your place at MRS!

Registration for the long-awaited mid-level selection process of the MRS Logística Railway Operations Course is officially open, offering a great opportunity for those who want enter or improve in a railway career. If you identify with the roles of Maneuver or Machinist Assistant, you cannot miss this chance for training and professional development.

Why sign up for the MRS Logística mid-level selection process?

The course offers robust and complete training, designed to prepare participants for the diverse demands and challenges of the railway industry. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't let this opportunity pass you by:

  1.  High demand for qualified professionals: With the continued growth of the railway sector, there is an increasing need for well-trained professionals. This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to stand out in the job market.
  1. Complete training: The course covers all essential aspects of railway operation, from train shunting to driver support, ensuring participants are fully prepared to take on important responsibilities.
  1. Specialized instructors: Instructors are experienced industry professionals, offering valuable insights and practical training that reflect industry best practices.
  1. Recognized certification: Upon completing the course, you will receive a certification that is widely recognized by the railway industry, increasing your chances of employability.

Prerequisites and information about the MRS Logística selection process

To enroll in the mRS Logística mid-level selection process, candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Education: Complete high school
  • Availability: Full dedication during the course period
  • Interest and Aptitude: Strong interest in working in the railway sector and willingness to learn and develop in the area

How to register for the MRS Logística process

Registration can be made through the course's official website. Enough CLICK HERE and fill out the registration form. Places are limited, so it is important to register as soon as possible to guarantee your participation in the high school course!

MRS Logística's mid-level selection process includes an initial assessment to check the candidates' basic knowledge and a personal interview to better understand the motivations and skills of each candidate. Those selected will be notified by email and will receive all the necessary guidance to start the course.

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