Home Multinational hiring 30 engineers for various areas

Multinational hiring 30 engineers for various areas

2 October 2018 to 08: 48
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Multinational hiring 30 engineers for various areas

With the aim of concluding its work teams, the Multinational is hiring 30 engineers for various areas of activity.

A multinational company is hiring 30 engineers to work on projects and contracts under the company's responsibility. The professionals worked on several work fronts in the oil and gas sector in the national territory. If you are an engineer and have taken qualification courses, this could be your great opportunity to return to the market or change companies. Currently in Brazil many engineers are graduating but what is making the difference are the specialization courses within engineering.

Vacancies and Requirements

  • Vacancies: Engineers
  • Quantity: 30
  • Location: National Territory

Areas of expertise:

  • Industrial maintenence
  • Environment
  • Works
  • Operational Security
  • Project Management

Engineering professionals in a general view control losses of processes, products and services by identifying, determining and analyzing causes of losses, establishing preventive and corrective action plans. They develop, test and supervise systems, processes and production methods, manage work and environmental safety activities, plan undertakings and production activities and coordinate teams, training and work activities.

Grupo Falcão Bauer provide services in the areas of Consultative Engineering, carrying out advisory services, evaluation, inspection, certifications (products and management systems), feasibility studies, research, projects, monitoring, training, among others, and the Technological Laboratories of materials and products carry out tests and develop special research for the quality control of materials, products and services offered by companies throughout Brazil and abroad, acting with efficiency and credibility in the most varied segments. If you are interested in vacancies, please send your resume to

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