Home Multinational hiring Technical Professional with extensive experience

Multinational hiring Technical Professional with extensive experience

9 from 2018 to 01 at 07: XNUMX
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Multinational hiring Technical Professional with extensive experience

To work in Niterói Rio de Janeiro offshore multinational is hiring technician with extensive professional experience

Job opportunities in the offshore and onshore areas are appearing more frequently every day, so professionals with experience in the oil and gas sector need to be prepared for the selection processes that, according to job candidates, have become more difficult due to the competition. Here's another great job opportunity in the technical area at Wilson Sons Ultratug Offshore with a great career opportunity. Below we detail information about the vacancy and the prerequisites for the selection process.

Vacancies and Requirements:

Vacancy: Naval Mechanics Technician

  • Location: Niteroi, RJ
  • Complete High School, plus Mechanical, Electrical/Automation Technical Course
  • Extensive experience in the area


Read and interpret detailed and assembly mechanical drawings for the correct assembly and failure analysis of components and equipment. Perform bench maintenance services on equipment for naval use. Ex.: exchange of mechanical parts and/or components, bearings, valve repairs, retainers and mechanical seals. Carry out minor repairs using a Lathe, Milling Machine, Column Drill, Planer, Band Saw or electric welding to manufacture parts or carry out repairs on equipment and/or installations of the WSUT fleet. Assemblies, minor modifications and maintenance in general Suggest improvements in procedures or maintenance materials used today.

Perform corrective and/or preventive maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic systems, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, diesel oil purifiers, air compressors, small and medium-sized electric motors and generators, plate and shell & tube heat exchangers, winches and capstans. Appropriate your working hours, materials and description of the services performed, according to the standard for completing service orders. Requisition coded materials and organize them in an appropriate place; Maintain order, organization and cleanliness, both at your post and in the sector and workplaces where you intervene, whether in the Workshop or on the vessels. Ensure your safety and that of others involved in Maintenance activities with the strict application of the energy blocking procedure Strictly apply the Safety rules in your daily life. Warn your superiors and/or your peers about the security risks at your post or workplace. Execute pending issues raised in predictive analytics. Comply with the standards contained in the QMS system (Quality Management System).

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please register and send your CV via the link:

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