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I don't have money to go to a job interview

24 July 2018 to 14: 40
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No money in your pocket.
No money in your pocket to go to a job interview.

Being unemployed, being called for a job interview and not having the money to go there… Have you ever been in this situation?

This is a reality of thousands of people in Brazil and in the world (being unemployed and without money). The great oil crisis brought financial imbalance to many families and, trying to endure this very difficult phase, you need a firm hand and determination. Below you will see a real story of real people, in today's times, who went through this but DIDN'T GIVE UP. Read below text reported and published by Aletheia Horta, great HR and Human Development professional.

Outburst of an unemployed person

“Sorry… I can't go to the selection process because I don't have money for the bus.”

That was the phrase I heard from a candidate on the day I scheduled the interview for him. Our first chat about that day was on Wednesday. We made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and he said ok. And then, on Thursday around noon, he called me and told me this. I said that I understood, that I was waiting for a possibility from him, that he would never be eliminated because of that, that if he could do anything, I was available… and I hung up. After? I went to the bathroom to cry. How many people aren't going through this (and much worse!)? What can I, in my world and my reality, do to help? I explained it to the manager, we thought how brave and sincere he was and we thought that this is exactly the profile of the person we want in our company!

The Determination

My happiness? He called me an hour later saying he borrowed money! He came, we talked and today he works with us! What did I learn from this story?

  1. We are human: one day we can and another not! But we are HUMAN!
  2. Who overshadows your shine and your ability is yourself (and not the situation).
  3. Nobody said it would be easy! But it's not impossible! Get off the average!!!

Make a difference in YOUR life!!!! #boraconquer

Original text link from Aletheia Horta.


>> Being unemployed and broke CANNOT be an excuse to STOP you. We can go much further if our will to win is greater than our excuses – (Luis Franco) <

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