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New JAC HUNTER 4×4 in Brazil: 'cheap' truck that will fight to dethrone Hilux and S10 will have DIESEL AND ELECTRIC options. In Africa it is being sold for R$146.000

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 21/06/2024 às 13:21
Photo: reproduction google images / MundoFixa

JAC Motors 4×4 model arrives in Brazil with diesel and electric versions, promising performance and technology

JAC Motors surprised the Brazilian market with the unexpected launch of the JAC Hunter, a robust diesel pickup truck. The news comes at a crucial time, considering that the automaker had announced a exclusive focus em electric vehicles. Common imposing design and promising technical features, Hunter promises to compete for space in a competitive market, following a trend started by Fiat with Toro, according to the video on the Carro Boss channel.

Photo: google images reproduction / Mobiauto

Impressive design and technical details of the 4×4 pickup

The JAC Hunter 4×4 features a striking design, especially in its robust front, which conveys grandeur and strength. This prototype model, still in the testing phase with green plates,reveals a vehicle slightly larger than its direct competitors, such as the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. Common full LED optical assembly, the pickup also features decorative elements that, although just aesthetic, contribute to its robust appearance.

The engine is one of the highlights of the JAC Hunter, equipped with a 2.0 turbo diesel engine that delivers 168 horsepower and a torque of 41,8 kgfm.. The gearbox is an eight-speed ZF, known for its efficiency and performance. 4×4 traction is another attention-grabbing feature, with both manual and automatic options available on the foreign market. Combined consumption is around 8 km/l, a modest number, but one that must be evaluated in the context of the vehicle's performance and robustness.

Pickup price and competitiveness

In the international market, especially in South Africa, the JAC Hunter pickup truck is sold at a price equivalent to R$146 thousand. However, it is expected that, upon arrival in Brazil, this value will undergo a significant increase due to taxes and other fees, probably being between R$280 thousand and R$290 thousand. This factor can influence the perception of cost-benefit for the Brazilian consumer.

Interior and comfort

The interior of the JAC Hunter 4×4 pickup is well-finished, with many soft touch elements, providing a feeling of quality and comfort. The multimedia center is spacious, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, offering several features that can be adjusted intuitively. Despite being a pre-series model, which can undergo adjustments before the official launch in Brazil, Hunter already impresses with its level of finishing and onboard technology.

The pickup also has items such as an induction charger, push-button start, integrated digital air conditioning and electric adjustments for the front seats. The presence of disc brakes on all four wheels and a panoramic sunroof are other points that make the Hunter stand out compared to many competitors.

Photo: google images / webmotors

Performance and driving impressions

During a short test drive, it was possible to notice the lightness of steering, which becomes firmer at high speeds, guaranteeing stability and safety. The suspension offers a good balance between comfort and robustness, essential for a vehicle of this size. The JAC Hunter proves to be competent both in urban areas and in more adverse conditions, such as rough terrain.

Although the instrument panel is relatively simple, it fulfills its function by providing the necessary information in a clear way. However, there is room for improvement, especially in terms of visualization and the amount of data displayed.

A new bet from JAC Motors

The JAC Hunter arrives in Brazil as a bold bet by JAC Motors, mixing tradition and innovation. With diesel and electric versions planned, the pickup promises to offer a robust and technological alternative in the utility market. The expectation is that, with adjustments and adaptations to the Brazilian market, Hunter can become a strong competitor, offering a combination of performance, comfort and innovation.

While we wait for more details on the final version and official price, the JAC Hunter is already positioned as a pickup that deserves attention. His arrival marks an important step for JAC Motors in Brazil, reflecting the evolution of the brand and its commitment to meeting the needs of Brazilian consumers.

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