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New Nissan X-Trail: the hybrid that runs only on electric motors; Will it come to Brazil?

Written by Bruno Teles
Published 28/05/2024 às 08:48
New Nissan X-Trail: the hybrid that runs only on electric motors; Will it come to Brazil?
Image: Auto Roda/Disclosure

The Nissan X-Trail combines electric efficiency with hybrid convenience, eliminating the need for gearshift and external charging.

The new Nissan X-Trail is a hybrid vehicle revolutionary that uses exclusively electric motors for traction, eliminating the need for gearboxes. This Japanese innovation promises to transform the automobile market. Find out why this car is so fantastic and whether it will arrive in Brazil.

The Nissan X-Trail is a hybrid car that does not require external charging. Unlike conventional hybrids, it does not have a gearbox. Its combustion engine only works as an energy generator for the electric motors, which are responsible for all the vehicle's traction. This innovative technology is unique on the market and promises the accessibility and performance of an electric car without the need for charging infrastructure.

Advanced technology and accessibility of the new Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail's system is comparable to that of the Honda Civic, but with one crucial difference: the combustion engine in the X-Trail never drives the wheels. This feature makes the driving experience smoother and more efficient, similar to that of a fully electric car. Furthermore, the model is ideal for those who do not have access to chargers at home, as it maintains the convenience of a combustion car with electrical efficiency.

The new Nissan X-Trail promises an exceptional driving experience. With varied driving modes such as Standard, Eco and Sport, it adapts to different needs and driving styles. The absence of gearbox and the use of electric motors significantly reduce maintenance costs, making it an economical option in the long term. The small battery is easy and inexpensive to replace, further increasing its affordability.

Pricing and availability in Brazil

In Mexico, the Nissan X-Trail has a price of approximately 289.000 reais in direct conversion. This value is competitive compared to other vehicles in the same segment. The arrival of the X-Trail in Brazil is still uncertain, but Nissan is keeping an eye on the potential Brazilian market. Consumer pressure could be a decisive factor in this innovative model being launched here.

The Nissan X-Trail represents a significant advancement in hybrid vehicle technology. With its gearless electric dynamics and improved accessibility, he has everything to win over Brazilian drivers. We eagerly await to see if this revolutionary model will reach our market, bringing with it a new era of automotive innovation.

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