Home New selection processes in the Air Force for those with only high school education: Brazilian Air Force (FAB) opens hiring with limited vacancies!

New selection processes in the Air Force for those with only high school education: Brazilian Air Force (FAB) opens hiring with limited vacancies!

16/04/2024 às 12:43
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Photo: Reproduction The Antagonist

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is looking for exceptional talent in Manaus! Don't miss this chance to be part of aeronautics and reach heights you never imagined. Registration open now! 

A Brazilian Air Force (FAB) recently announced an exclusive selection process for the city of Manaus. However, if you are passionate about aeronautics and aviation, technology and want to be part of an institution of excellence, this is your chance! Vacancies are limited, So don't waste time and register right now.

The opportunity offered by Brazilian air force (FAB) in Manaus is truly exciting. If you dream of contributing to the security and progress of our country, this is a unique chance to join a dedicated and passionate team. In other words, FAB values ​​the excellence, discipline and commitment, and this selection is a gateway to a career full of challenges and achievements. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

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Why choose FAB?

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is a prominent institution on the national scene, known for its excellence and commitment to the safety of Brazilian airspace as well as a history rich in innovation e dedication, FAB offers unique opportunities for professionals passionate about aviation and technology. Be like pilot, mechanic, air traffic controller or in other areasFurthermore, being part of the FAB means contributing to the development of Brazil and ensuring the protection of our skies

Above all, FAB offers an environment of camaraderie and continuous learning, where you will be surrounded by dedicated professionals who are passionate about aviation. In that regard, the exchange of knowledge and experiences is a fundamental part of the FAB culture, and you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while contributing to the safety of our airspace. Don't miss this unique chance to be part of this elite team right away!

Aeronautical Requirements and Benefits

To apply, you must meet the following requirements, such as:

  • Have completed high school.
  • Be between 18 and 24 years old.
  • Have physical and mental fitness.
  • Being born Brazilian.

FAB benefits include:

  • Competitive salary.
  • Career path.
  • Specialized training.
  • Medical and odontologic assistence.
  • Possibility to work in different areas, such as pilot, mechanic, air traffic controller and much more.
aeronautics, selection process, registrations
Photo: FDR Reproduction

How to apply

Anyway, registrations are open until the day April 30th 2024, to participate, access the FAB official website and fill out the registration form. Don't let this opportunity fly by! So be part of the Brazilian aviation elite and contribute to the safety and progress of our country.

Remember: Manaus is the perfect setting to launch your career at FAB!

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