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New 'warrior' motorcycle arrives in Brazil to displace Honda for just R$9.990, zero km – offering 650 km of autonomy on a single tank of gasoline.

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 13/06/2024 às 23:26
New 'warrior' motorcycle arrives in Brazil to displace Honda for just R$9.990, zero km - it offers 650 km of autonomy on a single tank of gasoline.
New motorcycle hits the market to rival Honda

Mottu announces new cheap motorcycle for sale in Brazil. Discover the Sport 110i, a motorcycle that promises to lead sales and take the reigns from the Honda Pop 110i costing less than R$10.

Since 2022, the rental company Mottu has been offering its cheap Sport 110i motorcycle for rent. Until then, this was the only way to get a model. Apparently, the company changed its mind. The Mottu website is now showing a new tab where you can buy this new bike cheap. The price announced there puts the product in the sights of buyers of the market giant Pop 110i, from Honda.

How much does Mottu's new cheap motorcycle cost?

Those wishing to purchase the now-called Mottu Sport 110i will have to pay R$9.990 up front. A financing plan was also announced directly with the company, providing a down payment of R$2 and installments of R$126 per week for 3 years, or monthly installments of R$540 for three years.

However, it is important to be careful, as despite the Motto highlight that the financing does not have credit analysis, the total paid in the financing reaches R$ 21.440. That is, financing costs more than double the price of the new cheap motorcycle up front. At least the price includes documentation and registration.

And there is also one more question to think about, since Mottu does not have physical stores. Registration is carried out on the website and a consultant will contact you. A negative point is that, by offering the new cheap Sport 110i motorcycle for sale, Mottu publishes on its websites some technical information about the motorcycle that was not available. available when the product could only be used on a rental basis.

Specific data on the new Sport 110i motorcycle

The new Honda Pop 110i rival also uses a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, but with a capacity of 109,7 cm³. It is capable of delivering 8,1 hp of power at 7.350 rpm and 0,9 kgfm of torque at 4.500 rpm, running only on gasoline.

Mottu Sport 110i - Disclosure

The transmission is mechanical with four speeds, but with inverted engagements compared to the rival: all upwards. Starting Mottu's cheap motorcycle is done by pedal and the company declares a maximum speed of 100 km/h for the Sport 110i, with a average consumption of 65 km/l, that is, delivering a range of 650 km.

The measurements released by the brand include a length of 1.950 mm, width of 705 mm, height of 1.080 mm and wheelbase of 1.236 mm. The ground clearance is 175 mm and the curb weight is 110 kg. Mottu only announced that the new bike has a telescopic front fork and two shock absorbers with preload adjustment at the rear for the suspension.

The trajectory of the Sport 110i in Brazil

The model's wheels are 17-inch light alloy wheels, shod with 2,75-17 tires at the front and 3,00-17 tires at the rear. The brakes are drums on both wheels, with diameters of 130 mm and 110 mm, respectively.

The tank fuel of the bike has a declared capacity of 10 liters. The brand does not highlight any standard item relevant to the model, except the daytime running light.

The arrival of the Sport 110i in Brazil began when Mottu obtained a production license for the motorcycle from the Indian TVS. In turn, TVS maintained a partnership with the Brazilian Dafra in Manaus (AM) until March 2024. Thus, the Mottu 110i was a TVS product assembled by Dafra in Brazil.

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