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Nextracker reaches 10 GW milestone in solar energy generation in Brazil

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Published 14/06/2024 às 21:15
Nextracker reaches the 10 GW milestone in the market
Photo: https://ipesi.com.br/potencia-instalada-de-geracao-de-energia-solar-no-brasil-supera-11-gw/

Solar tracker technology present in the country's largest projects

Nextracker, a global leader in providing smart software and solar trackers, has surpassed the 10 Gigawatt mark of potential energy generated with its smart solar trackers in projects in Brazil. The company is present in the country's main photovoltaic plants, such as the Janaúba solar complex, the largest in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America, with 1,6 GW.

“We are proud to have reached this milestone in Brazil, which is one of the main solar energy generation markets in the world. We continue to invest in research and innovation to offer the best performing solar trackers and software solutions to our customers,” said Alejo Lopes, vice president of sales Latin America.

Expansion and Product Quality

A Nexttracker has stood out for the quality of its products and the high availability of its trackers. The company's business model favors local manufacturing, being accredited with the BNDES CFI for financing through FINAME and other lines of credit, allowing rapid scale-up for large projects. “Our strongest point is the quality of the product and the high availability of our trackers. Our business model favors local manufacturing, being accredited with the BNDES CFI for financing through FINAME and other lines of credit, which allow us to scale quickly for large-scale projects”, emphasizes Nelson Falcão, senior director of Business Development at Nextracker.

The company serves important customers in multiple countries, both generators and self-producers of solar energy, enabling long-term relationships with large global and local investors and developers.

Presence in Brazil and Investments in R&D

A study by the Brazilian Photovoltaic Energy Association (Absolar) showed that centralized solar energy generation reached the mark of 13,4 GW of operational power in Brazil, accumulating around R$56 billion in investments. Aware of this growth, Nextracker continually invests in Research & Development (R&D). In Brazil, the Solar Excellence Center, located in Sorocaba (SP), is the first R&D space with the objective of exporting locally developed technology to global projects.

Since its creation in 2022, the laboratory has patented more than 500 projects, focusing on increasing solar energy production through research into the life cycle of solar tracker systems. Currently, with 38% of the Brazilian tracker market, Nexttracker occupies the first position in the ranking published by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

The company celebrates its eighth year in Brazil with significant growth of 67% in the local team in 2024 alone. “We are adapting and scaling our operations to meet growing market demands and opportunities. In recent years, we have increased our technical knowledge and expanded our skills in clean energy technologies through our research and development department, reinforcing our commitment to offering more efficient and sustainable solutions to maintain technical leadership in the industry,” comments Henrique Rodrigues, Country Manager for Brazil.

Future Challenges and Adaptations

Aware of the exponential growth of the photovoltaic market, Nextracker continues to develop its products to meet the new demands of the sector, such as technologies that adapt to climate change and irregular terrain. With the scarcity of flat land, new projects have been created in locations with more challenging conditions. Smart trackers from Nexttracker They are designed to adapt to these terrains, ensuring optimal production and resilience.

Additionally, solar trackers are being developed to withstand extreme weather events such as high winds, hail and flooding in areas of higher probability. This focus on adaptation and resilience positions Nextracker as an innovative leader in the solar energy market.

With operations in more than thirty countries, Nextracker has already registered more than 100 GW of solar trackers distributed globally. The company is a pillar in the clean energy transformation, providing advanced technologies that optimize the performance of solar plants and increase energy production, while reducing costs for plant owners, developers and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

For more information, visit: Nexttracker.

Source: Márcia from Nextracker

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