Home Nissan Kicks 2025 in Brazil changes completely, adopts new turbo engine with 141 hp and starts at R$ 130 thousand

Nissan Kicks 2025 in Brazil changes completely, adopts new turbo engine with 141 hp and starts at R$ 130 thousand

12 April 2024 17 gies: 04
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Nissan Kicks 2025 in Brazil changes completely, adopts new turbo engine with power of 141 hp and trunk has 849 liters
Photo: Nissan Kicks/Dall-e

Nissan is wasting no time and taking advantage of the growth in the wave of SUVs to announce its new Nissan Kicks 2025. Nissan's new SUV will hit the market with great performance.Ho, lots of onboard technology and plenty of space.

The Nissan Kicks 2025, a new compact SUV long awaited by Brazilians, aims to revolutionize the segment and surpass the current leader, the Hyundai creta. In recent years, compact SUVs have gained significant popularity in Brazil, becoming one of the most profitable categories for automakers. The model should reach the market with prices ranging from R$130 thousand to R$180 thousand.

Nissan's new SUV gets a standout look for 2025

Nissan has one of the most popular models in the segment with the Nissan Kicks, which was launched in the country in 2016 and restyled in 2020. And the car, which has already had a long life on the market, has just gained a brand new second generation, completely remodeled and which will greatly raise the level of the product and of course the segment.

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Built on the CMF platform, which belongs to Renault-Nissan Mitsubishi alliance, Nissan's new SUV is light years away in terms of evolution compared to our current Kicks.

Nissan Kicks 2025 in Brazil changes completely, adopts new turbo engine with power of 141 hp and trunk has 849 liters
Photo: Nissan Kicks 2025/Disclosure

The look of the new Nissan Kicks 2025 is actually very beautiful and much more attractive than the model we have here. The front is more imposing and features a Piano Black grille, bumper with gray detail and the optical assembly is full LED.

On the sides, the new Nissan SUV has an aluminum roof rack, two-tone paint, chrome details on the window frames and the base of the doors, as well as beautiful 18-inch wheels. At the rear we have an integrated spoiler, a gray appliqué on the bumper and full LED lights interconnected by a Piano Black strip.

Engine of the new Nissan Kicks 2025

In dimensions, while the current model measures 4,31 m, the new Nissan Kicks 2025 jumped to 4,36 m, the same size as a first generation Evoke. To give you an idea, the wheelbase is also longer at 2,65 m, we are 1,80 m wide, 1,63 m high and the total weight has not been revealed. The trunk maintains the same 432 L as the current generation.

Em engine our new Nissan Kicks 2025 will come equipped with an unprecedented 1.0 engine that is being developed by the brand and which has nothing to do with the 1.0 Turbo in the Renault Kardian. The 1.0 turboflex from Nissan will be associated with a CVT transmission and should be one of the most economical in the category and will also deliver good performance to the new Nissan SUV.

In the foreign market, this model offers a completely different proposal and it abandoned the 1.6 naturally aspirated gasoline engine to bring exactly the same engine as the Sentra. It is a 2.0 four-cylinder aspirated engine that has direct fuel injection and always runs on gasoline.

There are 150 horsepower and 20 kgfm of torque linked to a simulated eight-speed CVT automatic transmission. The performance is good and the consumption averages are excellent, but it won't come with it here.

New Nissan SUV arrives on the automotive market packed with technologies

Inside, Nissan's new SUV has a much more modern and current layout and, of course, more sophisticated. The finish has some soft-touch coatings in addition to hard plastic.

The interior space of the Nissan Kicks 2025 has improved a lot and now it can accommodate five adults with some ease. The list of equipment is a great highlight and we will have, for the first time, a panoramic sunroof, electronic parking brake, driving mode selector, induction cell phone charging and we cannot forget everything that already came in the current version.

Among the current items are the Bose sound system, face-to-face key, digital climate control, multifunctional steering wheel, a dashboard that, instead of 7 inches like in our Kicks, now has a full configurable 10,1 inches and much more.

The multimedia center in the Top versions features a huge 12,3-inch screen. It comes with a 360° camera system, native GPS, as well as connectivity, which finally becomes wireless for both CarPlay and Android Auto.

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