Home New revolutionary Brazilian solar tile certified by INMETRO has a useful life of 30 years and saves up to R$120 on your electricity bill

New revolutionary Brazilian solar tile certified by INMETRO has a useful life of 30 years and saves up to R$120 on your electricity bill

14 May 2024 to 22: 55
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New revolutionary Brazilian solar tile has a useful life of 30 years and saves up to R$120 on your electricity bill
New revolutionary Brazilian solar tile has a useful life of 30 years and saves up to R$120 on your electricity bill/Eternit

New Brazilian solar tile promises to drastically reduce electricity bill costs. In addition to providing significant savings, these solar tiles last for more than three decades.

The electricity bill in Brazil is one of the most expensive in the world. This happens because, in addition to paying for the electrical service itself, Brazilians also bear taxes, charges and losses that result in such high expenses. According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), the energy bill could rise, on average, 5,6% in 2024. In this way, the new solar tiles from Eternit and Tégula Soluções Para Telhados can be a great option for reducing costs.

New Brazilian solar tile can generate up to R$120 in savings on your electricity bill

In this unpredictable scenario, which is the Brazilian one, a Brazilian solar tile is capable of reducing the electricity bill by up to R$120, the model has an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years and adapts to any construction.

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The collaboration between the renowned company Eternit and the specialized Tégula Roofing Solutions resulted in the development of the latest models of solar tiles in the Tégula Solar line, now officially certified by Inmetro for sale.

Furthermore, according to information released by the media, they highlight that Brazilian solar tiles are highly praised for their more attractive aesthetics and integrated into the design of buildings, harmoniously surpassing common solar panels.

Model BIG-F10C/Tégua Solar

The latest line of photovoltaic tiles, which includes models BIG-F10C, BIG-F11, Flat F-12 and Flat F-15, was developed with a focus on simplifying the installation process and providing a significant increase in energy generation power.

As an example, the BIG-F10C stands out for being an ideal choice for installation on existing roofs or during renovations, featuring a power of 10 Wp and an average energy generation of around 1,25 kWh per tile per month.

The BIG-F10C, BIG-F11 and PLANA-F15 tiles are now certified by INMETRO under registrations BIG-F10C – 006825/2022, BIG-F11 – 00785/2022 and PLANA-F15 – 007263/2022, and can be sold by the group .

How much?

According to data shared by Portal Solar, the price of tiles has an average value of R$ 764,75 per m², with a solar tile capable of generating around 1,15 kWh.

Check out the official catalog of the responsible company. CLICK HERE!

Solar tiles with a useful life of 30 years deliver 20% more power

It is clear that these advances represent not only an evolution in the efficiency of Photovoltaic systems, but also a response to demands for more accessible, sustainable and efficient energy solutions, integrated into built structures.

The BIG-F11 model, successor to the BIG-F10, boasts a major evolution, offering a 20% increase in power, now reaching 11Wp. This improvement in Brazilian solar tiles results in even more significant potential savings, reaching up to R$120 on the electricity bill for systems consisting of 500 tiles installed.

On the other hand, PLANA-F15 stands out for its 15Wp power and a more efficient distribution of photovoltaic cells over the tile area. This particularity places it as the most robust model when analyzing the proportion between generated power and the area occupied by the coverage.

Eternit obtains green patent registration from INPI

Along with the launch of new models of solar tiles, Eternit obtained the registration of a green patent granted by INPI, in recognition of the development of an innovative and unprecedented manufacturing process on the market.

This unique method makes the application of the data capture module solar energy directly on the new viable Brazilian solar tile, giving the company the exclusive right to commercially explore this technology in Brazilian territory.

It is worth mentioning that the company once again made robust investments. Even in judicial recovery, the company opened a unit to produce fiber cement tiles. Located in Caucaia, Ceará, the unit received investments from R$ 187 million and will initially produce 7 thousand tons per month.

Since 2020, the company has invested more than R$400 million in expanding its manufacturing capacity. With the installation of 2.160 solar tiles, the unit could be a sustainability model for the company's projects in the future, to take advantage of the increased demand for solar energy and diversify its operations.

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