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Work demands technical and practical professionals in various functions

7 from 2018 to 07 at 31: XNUMX
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mining works minas Gerais gold

Under the command of the CARPATHIAN GOLD GROUP, mining works in Minas Gerais demand workers in various specialties

A major mining project in the municipality of Riacho dos Machados, in Minas Gerais, requires practical, technical and superior professionals for the gold extraction project that has just been expanded to a 37% utilization rate. The Human Resources responsible for these contracts and the company LEAGOLD MINING. Below, check out the description of the positions and the source of the publication further ahead:

Welder ⇒ Experience and certification in welding, high school, knowledge in electric welding, MIG, ER and oxygen welding.

Supply Analyst ⇒ Experience with material purchasing processes, higher education, intermediate English and Microsoft Office

Industrial Mechanical Technician ⇒ Experience in Industrial Maintenance, technical training in Mechanics/Electromechanics and basic IT

Instrumentation and Automation Technician ⇒ Experience in instrumentation in ore processes, technical training, CREA, NR-10, PLC and basic informatics.

Electrical Inspector ⇒ Experience in the area of ​​electrical maintenance, technical training, CREA, reading and interpretation of technical drawings, commands, among others

Inspection Technician ⇒ Experience in the function, technical training in Mechanics, Electromechanics or Electrical, basic computing, skills with metrology, hydraulics and pneumatics.

How to apply?

The company emphasizes that only professionals with the attributions described above will be able to apply for these works, therefore, those interested and within the function can send their resumes to, informing in the title of the message the role of preference and your current city of residence. Candidates from other states can apply with ease.

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