Home Works on Terminal 2 at Porto do Açú were completed by Acciona: Find out about the next steps

Works on Terminal 2 at Porto do Açú were completed by Acciona: Find out about the next steps

5 March 2018 to 14: 42
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Acciona announces the completion of works on Port Terminal T2, at Porto do Açu, in São João da Barra – RJ. Carried out for the client Prumo Logística, the project generated more than 3.400 direct jobs, with 90% of local labor. The municipality is now prepared to finally enter a new logistics era in the merchant marine and petroleum industry.

The terminal, which required 21 tons of processed steel and 350 cubic meters of concrete, was built using technology from the Kugira, one of the largest floating docks in the world and owned by Acciona, which arrived in Brazil for the first time in 2011 exclusively for this project. With that, the terminal is the first in Brazil to be built with precast concrete blocks. In total, there were 2.800 meters of protection dikes built using concrete box technology executed in Kugira. In total, 42 floating blocks were used.

The use of this technology in the construction of the breakwater enabled a reduction of 8,5 million tons of stones in the rockfill. In addition, this method made it possible for 100 tons of CO2 not to be emitted. “Acciona celebrates the conclusion and delivery of this work of immense importance. It was a very big technical challenge, which we managed to accomplish with great quality and professionalism. The Kugira technology and the team's commitment allowed us to develop an excellent job”, says Flávio Luis Saraiva, construction director at Acciona in Brazil.

Terminal T2 was built to be the gateway, and protection from the open sea, of the internal navigation channel of Porto do Açu. It will allow the passage and anchorage of large ships carrying solid bulk, steel products, coal, pig iron, granite, liquid bulk, general cargo and vehicles, in addition to equipment and materials intended for use in the exploration and production of oil and gas on platforms. offshore. T2 is 6,5 km long, 13 meters long, 330 meters wide and 14,5 meters deep, and has an area facing the inner channel, rented to companies that support offshore oil and gas activities. gas. Source Actions

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