Home Offshore company in Macaé picking up everything today for maintenance contract

Offshore company in Macaé picking up everything today for maintenance contract

29 October 2017 to 20: 22
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Another batch of workers are invited to work on platforms in the Campos Basin on the 30th at an offshore firm.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Offshore vacancies open today for maintenance contracts on platforms in the region. Company has gained more demand for services in various functions with different degrees of study and qualifications. Check it out, read it carefully and calmly so that there are no mistakes, the sources, videos and contacts you can find while reading the article.

As you know, Petrobras has been adopting strategic plans to maximize its profits and reduce costs, which directly affects the wages and benefits of workers seeking placement or replacement in this market. Formerly courses such as CBSP, HEUT and NR's, were all taught/paid by companies, but due to the crisis, there is cost containment in all aspects of the oil industry. See below the email from the company asking for professionals:

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As you can see, the selection process is devastating and encompasses many professionals in various specialties, including: electrical technicians, electricians, instrumentalists, mechanics, refrigeration technicians, crane mechanics, offshore planning technicians, industrial painters, climber painters, boilermakers boilermakers climbers, boilermakers, boiler helper, supervisors level 3 climbers, welders and scaffolding assemblers. For all positions mentioned, it is necessary to have up-to-date boarding courses and at least 2 years of experience in the role.

Resume by email and at the door (Please read carefully)

The Click Petróleo e Gás team sought to find out about the validity of the vacancies and some issues need to be clarified. Instrumentalists and Climbing Supervisors level 3, can take the curriculum to the door. For other positions, send resume only by email. It's no use going there at the company's door, waiting or asking to speak to someone because you simply won't be answered. Corporate environment is cruel and this is a recurring reality.

How to apply

Apparently, maintenance contracts are for many platforms, a list of these offshore units that Petrobras is bidding on can be seen in the article 25 platforms will contract in Macaé and Campos, in it you will have an overview of the potential for signings that are coming soon. See below a short video that a follower of the page sent to our portal of a selection process that happened last week there, but it was the guys who had sent their CVs by email.

Resumes must be sent to the email, informing the function in the subject.

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