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Offshore contacts of companies with recent selection processes

14 May 2018 to 07: 58
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Based on the latest selection processes for offshore companies, we have put together an email list of the main up-to-date contractors

The activities offshore in companies located in the city of Macaé that operate in the Campos and Santos Basin has been growing sharply in the region, not yet in the parameters that the municipality was used to, since drilling operations have decreased a lot, but in maintenance services on platforms of oil in these places. Orchestrated by large companies that won bids to maintain these units, and that you follow daily on our portal, we are summarizing the latest contacts of these companies' selection processes just below for you.

If you're a follower of the page, you've probably already sent some resumes to the contacts that will be made available here, so we recommend not doing this again so that your contacts are not blocked by the companies, unless they open selective processes again, this you you can leave it to us, because we will always let you know when this happens. Another thing we would like to point out is that you research the area in which these offshore companies are located and in which functions they usually hire, do not send resumes if they do not offer opportunities in their areas of activity. Here's the list:









ExxonMobil – Click here

Comperj – Click here

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