Home Platforms P-71 and P-72 have just been sold as junk by Petrobras

Platforms P-71 and P-72 have just been sold as junk by Petrobras

30 from 2017 to 06 at 55: XNUMX
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Ecovix is ​​dismantling offshore units

Offshore units that employed around 10 people in Rio Grande are already being cut. union protests

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]It is not sensationalism as unbelievable as this news may seem.  Unbelievably, Petrobras sold the P-71 and P-72 units to dismantle. The plans, preparation, money invested, everything that was purchased and countless months of work, are simply being transformed into cast iron at this moment in the Ecovix shipyard in Rio Grande do Sul. The company carrying out the cuts is Gerdau after winning the tender a short time ago. Pedro Parente has been signaling for some time that he would make this decision in order to contain costs. Many protests because these works provided jobs for about 10 professionals.

The Metalworkers Union of Rio Grande and São José do Norte were already predicting this “merciful guillotine” by Petrobrás in the Rio Grande do Sul shipbuilding industry. Benito Gonçalves, who is president of the local union, says that it is a real violation of the nation and that it is directly harming workers, fathers and mothers in RS. The union has already filed a lawsuit requesting explanations that justify this dismantling. If the problem was technology for the reuse of these units, why did Petrobras not consider the interest of COSCO, a Chinese company that was willing to take over these platforms and run the rest of the work.

See the excerpt taken from the Petro Notícias website

“Benito Goncalves, shows all irritation when talking about this problem: “You have to consider all the qualifications of these people, every effort to become a metallurgist and throw people in the trash, along with these parts. Nothing justifies using material that has already been worked on to be sold as scrap”.

This decision is the apex of the neglect of Petrobrás and the federal government, through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, with the Rio Grande do Sul naval hub. The state-owned company discontinued a series of orders it placed with the Rio Grande Shipyard. Gerdau will take all the material to one of its steel plants located in the Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region.” Source: Petronotícias

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