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Offshore oil well drilling grows again in 2019

9 from 2018 to 10 at 36: XNUMX
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offshore oil petrobras vacancies

Activities are planned for 97 wells next year, there will be an increase in demand for services and labor in the oil industry

The demand for oil services and offshore drilling in Petrobras assets will grow again between 10 and 20% next year, there will be 47 drillings and 50 new completions, considering 2018 as a parameter. Before the start of the crisis in 2014, 101 oil wells were drilled and 73 were completed on the seabed.

With the new recovery improvements, next year will be the “reboot” of the resumption with the operational peak in 2021, that is, in 5 years we will be drilling another 82 wells and completing 71. The market is still recovering from the news of the interruption of the redevelopment of the Frade asset by regulatory agencies and Equinor (formerly Statoil), opened a tender to build two additional wells in Carcará in the Santos Basin, in block BM-S-8.
Petrobras also announced a tender for revitalization services for Roncador in the Campos Basin, using the frac-pack technique that will be used in injection wells shortly by the state-owned company.

BHGE and Superior Energy won some contracts

BHGE (merger between GE's oil and gas business unit and Baker Hughes) won the bid for block BM-S-11, location of the Lula field in the Santos Basin with 50 oil wells in production zones, not bad, no?

Superior Energy was left with a conglomerate of 19 wells, but will use only one production zone in BM-S-11, in the Papa-Terra field in the Campos Basin.

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