Home Petrobras announces the construction of 13 new platforms: Shipyards are on alert

Petrobras announces the construction of 13 new platforms: Shipyards are on alert

13 March 2018 to 09: 41
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The official statement was made by Pedro Parente at an event in the city of São Paulo and Brazilian shipyards are looking forward to a resumption in the naval sector

A Petrobras participated in the event “Implementation of an Offshore Base as a lever for regional development” yesterday (12) and announced that the Santos Basin will receive 13 more platforms by 2022, of which 8 will belong to the state-owned company and the rest to companies that win the bids . The event took place in the city of Guarujá and national, state and municipal authorities were present.

Pedro Parente highlighted that operations in the Santos Basin over the last 10 years ended up multiplying and of all these planned platforms, 2 thirds will be destined to it. The expectation is that the production capacity will reach close to 2 million barrels daily. The president of Petrobras says that it is fundamental that the auctions resume as soon as possible so that there can be the maximum number of companies operating in the assets of this sedimentary basin.

In the naval environment, this pronouncement by Petrobras fell like a bomb and opens precedents for Brazilian action in the sector, since the state-owned company started some negotiations with Brazilian shipyards, as an example, Sete Brasil has already started all the formalities to resolve judicial suspensions and return to building for Petrobras as soon as possible. There are informal talks for the implementation of an offshore base for the company in the city as well, and there are already studies in this regard to ascertain the viability of the project.

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