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Petrobras begins contracts with CEG and CEG RIO.

Written by Paulo S. Nogueira
Published 01/12/2023 às 09:48
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Senado Business Center (Edisen) Photo: Photo: André Motta de Souza / Agência Petrobras – Senado Building, Petrobras headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro.

Petrobras signs a natural gas supply agreement with CEG and CEG RIO in Rio de Janeiro, valid until December 2034, worth R$51,6 billion.

The recent contracts will be in force until the end of 2034, with a total estimated value of R$51,6 billion for the entire period mentioned.

Petrobras announced the signing of new natural gas contracts with Companhia Distribuidora de Gás do Rio de Janeiro (CEG) and CEG RIO SA (CEG RIO), effective from 01/12/2023, due to compliance with conditions agreed after the resolution of legal disputes.

These new contracts aim to supply natural gas to CEG and CEG RIO, with a focus on supplying the Rio de Janeiro market, and had the participation and approval of the State of Rio de Janeiro. This partnership is crucial to guarantee the regular supply of natural gas to meet the region's demands.

Source: Petrobras

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