Home Petrobras signs contract with POSH for activities in the Campos Basin

Petrobras signs contract with POSH for activities in the Campos Basin

24 from 2018 to 09 at 19: XNUMX
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POSH Xanadu Petrobras vacancies contract

The platform will be chartered for 8 months by Petrobras, the company informs that it is already finishing its activities in the Golf of Mexico and will head to Brazil in a few months

Pach Offshore Services Holdings (POSH) said on Friday that the 750-capacity POSH Xanadu will support Petrobras' production activities in the Campos Basin after completing its current work on Chevron's Tension Legs Platform. in the Gulf of Mexico. The contract signed with Petrobras is for eight months, with an option for an additional eight-month extension, POSH added.

This is the second contract that POSH Xanadu, from 2014, won from Petrobras, having supported the company between 2015 and 2016, also in the Campos Basin.

POSH noted that during this time the unit achieved zero lost time injuries and nearly 100% connectivity to the walkway. POSH Xanadu also maintains the same operational records as the Chevron project.

Together with her sister ship POSH Arcadia, POSH's two DP3 SSAVs are designed for deep water and harsh operating environments. They are equipped to enable “walk-to-work” solutions for offshore personnel.

This platform is of the Flotel type, which serves to accommodate workers who are in another nearby unit rig, literally on the side and interconnected by a bridge (or walkway). Would you like to know the best way to enter the offshore branch and take advantage of the recovery of the sector scheduled for 2019? Access the tutorial article here, it will serve as a guide in this endeavor.

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