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Petrobras optimizes the flow and processing of natural gas.

29/12/2023 às 19:33
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With the contracts, Petrobras complies with the provisions of the Gas Law, providing access to infrastructures. Photo: Agência Petrobras – All rights: Petrobrás

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The signing of contracts for the Campos Basin Integrated Natural Gas Flow System (SIE-BC) and access to the Cabiúnas Gas Treatment Unit (UTGCAB) is another important step by Petrobras in partnership with Equinor Energy do Brasil Ltda . for the development of the natural gas sector in Brazil. From 01/01/2024, Equinor will be able to transport natural gas from the Roncador field, expanding production in the Campos Basin, where Petrobras is the operator and holds the majority of participation.

With the signing of these contracts, Petrobras reinforces its commitment to the diversification of agents in all links of the natural gas chain, guaranteeing negotiated access to infrastructures as provided for in the Gas Law. Furthermore, the company highlights the importance of strategic partnerships for the development of the sector, consolidating its position as a leading company in the natural gas market.

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Contracts for the flow of Petrobras' natural gas in the Roncador field, in the Campos Basin, consolidate the company as a leader in the energy sector. Petrobras invests significantly in expanding and modernizing gas pipelines maritime e land, aiming to strengthen its natural gas chain. The modernization of maritime infrastructures and the expansion of natural gas flow capacities are priorities for the company.

Source: Petrobras Agency

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