Home Petrobras releases contract for FPSO Búzios V and 3 companies are in the running

Petrobras releases contract for FPSO Búzios V and 3 companies are in the running

17 May 2018 to 04: 53
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petroleum, petrobras, buzios, production
petroleum, petrobras, buzios, production

Petrobras finally releases the season for receipt of FPSO proposals that will operate in the Santos Basin with companies fiercely disputing this bid.

After several consecutive delays in attracting bidding proposals to charter the Búzios V FPSO, Petrobras jumps to new stages for this unit that will operate in the Santos Basin. In the oil sector, experts on the subject say that large companies abroad have already started fighting (in a good way) to see who can get the contract for this unit, and by the looks of it, the odds are tight. So far, there are three major groups: Examar from Belgium, Misc d Malaysia and MODEC from Japan.

Regardless of who wins the contract, all must have the expertise to be able to operate a chartered platform that can produce around 180.000 barrels of oil daily and around 6 million m³ of gas. The contract provides for a charter of at least 21 years, which may be extended if necessary for the same period. The scheduled date for this FPSO to become operational and start producing will be in 2012, under the transfer of rights regime.

This asset is part of the Santos Basin and is located in the northern sector of the asset. Petrobras started producing this in the Búzios field in April this year, with the P-74 unit.. According to Petrobras' plans, in addition to 74, there will be 4 more units to occupy Búzios between 2018 and 2021, including Búzios 5, of course, all designed to work in the ranges of 150 thousand barrels of oil and 6 million cubic meters of gas.

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