Home Industrial painters for large industrial works at Pagrisa

Industrial painters for large industrial works at Pagrisa

8 February 2018 to 11: 58
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Industrial painter

Professionals can be from anywhere in Brazil, as long as they are trained industrial painters and have immediate availability

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]industrial painters are summoned with extreme urgency for a large industrial work by the company Pagrisa for a large contract that it has just won for an industrial operation in the interior of Paraná. She owns a plant specialized in the manufacture of biofuels, but before putting it into operation, there is a need for structural reforms, as incredible as it may seem, she cannot find professionals with the necessary courses in the region, making her look elsewhere in the Brazil.

Requirements for the role

For painting professional, until the requirements are very modest in this wave of opportunity in the company, be careful and only send if the requirements for the position in question are fulfilled. Check out some of them below:

  • Be a leader of industrial painting
  • Complete high school
  • Industrial Painting Course
  • Experience painting metal structures
  • Availability to reside in the interior of Paraná

Be a Pagrisa collaborator, if you want to send your resumes for this vacancy, the contact emails are 2: e, it is important not to forget to mention the name of the function and the city of residence in the subject of the message. For other vacancies for painters, access the website's MENU in the header and type in the search field (magnifying glass) the position you want.

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