Home Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares announces job vacancies; offshore opportunities in Rio de Janeiro

Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares announces job vacancies; offshore opportunities in Rio de Janeiro

24 April 2024 14 gies: 06
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Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares announces job vacancies; offshore opportunities in Rio de Janeiro
Photo: Disclosure/Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliaries

Vacancies announced in March and April: How Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares is expanding its team to meet growing demand in the offshore sector.

Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares, with more than 30 years of experience in the consultative engineering market, is currently looking for qualified professionals to join its team. Specialized in industrial assembly and offshore construction, the company offers unique opportunities in critical areas of planning, project management and temporary workforce management. With the aim of expanding its operations and continuing to offer high-quality services, Ply is recruiting for several offshore positions, opening doors to motivated and capable professionals.

Since its founding, Ply has adapted to market needs, offering customized solutions that meet standards of seriousness, technology and differentiated service. Now, with the increase in demand for its services, the company seeks to reinforce its team to continue excellence and expand its presence in the national and international market.

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Working at Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares means being part of a company that values ​​innovation and quality in all its services. Ply employees benefit from a work environment that promotes professional and personal growth, with access to training and continuous development opportunities. Furthermore, the company offers an attractive benefits package, including medical and dental assistance, food or meal vouchers, and travel allowance, ensuring that all employees have full support to carry out their work with excellence and safety.

Job vacancies at Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliaries

  • Offshore Scaffolding Fitter, Macaé, Rio de Janeiro (Announced 1 month ago)
  • TECH. OFFSHORE PLANNING, Macaé, Rio de Janeiro (Announced 18 hours ago)
  • Climber Inspection Assistant, Macaé, Rio de Janeiro (Announced 2 months ago)

To discover more opportunities, visit the link provided below.

How to Apply

Applying for an offshore position at Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares is a simple and straightforward process. Interested parties should access THIS LINK, navigate to the careers section and search for vacancies that match your professional profile. After finding a vacancy of interest, candidates can apply directly through the portal, submitting their CV and other relevant information. It is recommended that candidates prepare their documents carefully, highlighting experiences and skills that align with the requirements of the desired position.

Employee salaries

At Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares, the salary structure is defined to recognize the competence and contribution of each employee within their area of ​​specialization. Salaries for operational and administrative positions start at R$1, as is the case with Administration Assistant, and can reach up to R$5 for positions that require more advanced technical skills, such as Quality Control Inspector and Consultant Commercial. 

For example, Boilermakers, Analysts and Administrative Assistants have a uniform remuneration of R$2, reflecting consistency in pay for positions that require similar skills and responsibilities. Climbing Painters, with their specialized functions and associated risks, receive a salary of R$3, indicating an appreciation of these specific skills. This salary structure ensures that all employees are fairly compensated, encouraging continuous development and dedication to their respective roles.

About Ply Consulting and Auxiliary Services

Ply Consultoria e Serviços Auxiliares, with its consolidated experience of more than 30 years, plays a crucial role in the industrial assembly and offshore construction sector. Initially founded as PLANUS Engenharia, the company has evolved to meet growing market demands, expanding its operations to include temporary workforce management and outsourced services.

With a strong presence in offshore projects, Ply Consultoria offers a range of specialized services that range from planning and project management to information systems and quality assurance. This integrated approach allows Ply to not only respond to the complex technical needs of offshore projects, but also to contribute significantly to the efficiency and success of its clients' ventures.

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