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PM contest! The competition has vacancies in health and salaries of up to R$ 11 thousand; see until when to register

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 19/05/2024 às 22:20
Military Police (PM) competition. (Image: reproduction)
Military Police (PM) competition. (Image: reproduction)

A Military Police of Minas Gerais (PM) There is great news for those who dream of joining the corporation. The entity has an open competition for people in the health sector and also for combatants.

According to the notice published by the PM, the competition Aimed at healthcare professionals and combatants this year, 2024, it has more than three thousand vacancies and is a great chance for those who are looking for stability and, of course, attractive remuneration.

Opportunities in PM

According to the document published by the PM, remunerations can vary from R$4.360,83 to R$11.037,14. Of these opportunities, 60 are for Pharmacists, Nurses, Psychologists, Dentists and Doctors.

The stages of the contest

According to the PM, the competition includes objective tests, essays, physical tests, psychological assessments and health exams, and candidates must prepare carefully, always targeting the areas of knowledge required in each phase.

When and how to sign up

The person interested in registering for the competition of Minas Gerais PM must pay attention to the registration deadline. For officers, the deadline will be from 17/07 to 17/08, while for Soldiers it will be from 01/08 to 01/09.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that registrations can be made at official website of PM MG and there are fees: R$101,00 for Soldiers and R$220,00 for Officers.

Why pursue a career in the corporation

According to the PM of Minas Gerais, the competition is, in addition to an opportunity for financial stability, a chance for those approved to contribute socially. This happens, for example, because those approved will be able, with their actions, to directly impact the well-being of the troops and the community.

PM MG health professionals are essential in that, in addition to caring for agents, they also effectively participate in community health actions, which ultimately helps in the formulation of effective public policies.

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