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Port logistics: what is the role of technology?

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Published 14/06/2024 às 21:50
Port logistics:
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Technology optimizes port logistics and drives efficiency

The Brazilian port sector is vital for the country's economic growth. In 2023, national ports handled more than 1,3 billion tons of goods, according to the National Waterway Transport Agency (Antaq), representing a growth of 6,9%. Given the importance of ports in intermodality and the flow of imports and exports, investing in innovation and logistics is essential to guarantee the development and efficiency of this sector.

Despite its importance, the Brazilian port sector faces significant challenges, especially in terms of logistics infrastructure. Every day, ports deal with a large volume of cargo from different intermodal routes, which requires rigorous planning for movement and the management of complexities and bureaucracy. This demands a high level of control and monitoring of operations to ensure safety and avoid problems.

Technological innovation as an ally in port logistics

To deal with these complexities, the use of technology in port logistics becomes essential. Various technological resources can support port operations, ensuring efficiency, visibility, regulatory compliance and alignment with the ESG agenda, promoting sustainable practices and reducing pollutant emissions.

One of the most promising features is the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects devices to improve efficiency, enabling real-time load tracking through installed sensors. These sensors issue alerts if the container is tampered with. Big Data solutions are also crucial, as they analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns and trends and guide more assertive decision-making.

Furthermore, the Terminal Operating System (TOS) is essential for controlling and automating operations in cargo logistics terminals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) also stands out, improving routing and time optimization by automating repetitive and bureaucratic tasks.

These technologies, when applied together, provide more efficient logistics. In the port sector, technology is essential for modernizing processes and contributing to strategic governance. With more agile and efficient processes, production management and compliance with tax obligations become more effective.

Future perspectives and challenges

Although the implementation of new technologies does not happen overnight, robust solutions such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) allow you to centralize information, facilitating the monitoring and management of operations, offering greater predictability and control.

Investing in technology in Brazilian ports is crucial, especially considering Antaq's projections, which indicate a record increase in cargo movement in the coming years. The expectation is that freight transport will grow to 10 million tons per year by 2025, reaching 1,29 billion in 2026 and 1,41 billion in 2027.

Given this scenario, the Brazilian port sector needs to adopt innovative approaches and efficient logistics strategies to keep up with growth. The modernization and improvement of processes are essential to ensure greater efficiency and preparation for the dynamic future of international trade.

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André Nadjarian is VP of strategy and innovation at Engine, a pioneering consultancy in SAP solutions. Engine, with experience acquired since 2011, enables companies to reach higher levels of maturity and management excellence. Offering everything from implementation to ongoing support, Engine has accumulated several successful projects, proving its commitment to constantly improving its services.

Source: André Nadjarian.

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