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Porto do Açú enters Rio de Janeiro in the fertilizer market

30/09/2020 às 10:56
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Porto do Açú Ship Fertilizer Rio de Janeiro

Multicargas Terminal handled 25 thousand tons of potassium chloride for the first time in Porto do Açú

São João da Barra, September 30, 2020 – Porto do Açu put Rio de Janeiro on the map of the fertilizer market in Brazil. The state was the only one on the national coast from Rio Grande do Sul to Bahia that still did not carry out this type of movement in bulk ships. The first movement was carried out via the Multicargo Terminal (T-MULT) and imported 25 thousand tons of potassium chloride (KCL) to the interior of the state of Minas Gerais.

Originating in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the ship MV PALEKH docked at Açu on September 23rd. The operation was made possible due to the recent expansion of T-MULT, with the installation of a new covered warehouse. In the first year of the contract alone, the expectation is that 150 tons of fertilizers will be shipped through this terminal, which will enable the global connection of the state of Rio with the producers of these inputs, mainly for states that do not have access to the sea, such as Minas General.

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“Outside of the fertilizer import season, there is also the possibility of storing and moving other types of products, such as solid agricultural and mineral bulk. We set up two canvas sheds, with an area of ​​6 square meters and capacity to store 25 tons of inputs per month”, explains João Braz, Director of Terminals and Logistics at Porto do Açu.

Brazil imports around 80% of the fertilizers it consumes locally. With this service in its portfolio, Porto do Açu seeks to meet domestic demand, mainly the Minas Gerais market, in the eastern, southern and central regions of the state, where there is a large base of installed distributors.

This project is considered the embryo for the industrialization phase of Porto do Açu in the petrochemical sector, which will be consolidated by attracting industries to this fertile business environment in the North of Rio de Janeiro. T-MULT's expansion plan, forecast for the next five years, includes an increase in the dock and bulk yard, construction of a yard dedicated to general cargo and containers, and new storage sheds.

About Port of Açu

With activities starting in 2014, the private port has a great vocation for the O&G segment due to its strategic location close to the main basins offshore of the country and handles oil, iron ore, coal, coke, bauxite, general and project cargo, among others. With an area of ​​130 km², 40 km² of which is an environmental reserve, the development currently has 14 companies installed: Porto do Açu Operations, Açu Petróleo, BP Prumo, B-Port (a company of the Edison Chouest Group), InterMoor, NOV, TechnipFMC, Oceanpact, Ferroport, Anglo American, Dome, GNA, Açu Station and Norte Fluminense Airfield.

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