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Peruvian president no longer wants Odebrecht in the country

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 31/12/2018 às 20:39


Odebrecht Peru corruption country works

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra said on Monday that Odebrecht should not continue working in Peru because the Brazilian construction company "contaminated private activity" and admitted to bribing public officials.

Vizcarra's statement comes weeks after Odebrecht Peru signed a deal with Peruvian authorities to pay a $182 million fine over 15 years that would allow it to continue operating in the country in exchange for evidence about the authorities it bribed to win infrastructure projects.

Vizcarra was preparing on Monday to travel to Brazil for the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday. He told local radio station RPP that Odebrecht “disqualified itself from working with Peruvians” by paying bribes.

“Regardless of the agreement that Odebrecht made with the Public Ministry in exchange for information, what I respect is my opinion that it should not continue working in Peru,” he said.

“(This) is a company that has contaminated the private sector. There are many reputable companies here, but now there is distrust of all companies because of Odebrecht.”

Odebrecht is awaiting authorization from the Vizcarra government for the sale of its hydroelectric power plant in Peru to the Three Gorges in China for around $1,39 billion, part of which would be used to pay off debts to local suppliers and secure payment. of civil compensation.

The Peruvian president took office at the end of March following the resignation of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, accused of links to Odebrecht – links he has denied.

Paulo Nogueira

With a technical background, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.

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