Home Offshore Service Provider searches in all functions for Macaé and Rio das Ostras

Offshore Service Provider searches in all functions for Macaé and Rio das Ostras

18 from 2018 to 08 at 39: XNUMX
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Helpers, welders, scaffolding fitters, scaffold foremen, instrumentalists, electrical technicians, electricians, boilermakers, boiler climbers, boiler foremen, boiler supervisors N3, painters, painters climbers, water jet painters, painting supervisors, painting supervisors, welding/painting/electrical/instrumentalist/END/climber inspectors, follow-up technicians, painting/steelwork delineators, planning technicians and platform coordinators or managers

SUBTEC announces a large recruitment of professionals from the offshore oil and gas segment to update its talent pool

Great offshore opportunity announced less than 24 hours ago by Subtec for an official call for professionals from the oil and gas sector in the Campos Basin. The purpose is to update the company's talent bank for recent maintenance or latent contracts, which would justify such a pronouncement. It's official, so check out the requirements and all possible and impossible sources on the matter:

Vacancies for registration

As we mentioned above, there are many opportunities, but very specific. Check out the complete list and apply only if you have experience and training in these areas:

  • Industrial Assembly Supervisor Specialist in Piping/Mechanics
  • Supervisor Climber Level 3 Irata or Abendi
  • Irata plumbers
  • Irata boilermakers
  • 6G, TIG and Stick Welders
  • Power and Control Electrician
  • Electrical technician
  • electromechanical
  • Tubist and Alpinist instrumentalists
  • Mechanical technician
  • Rotating Equipment Mechanic
  • Painters
  • insulators
  • Scaffolding Supervisor
  • Adjuster Mechanic
  • Climbing Boilerwork Outliner

Candidates who are from Rio das Ostras and Macaé will have priority in the selection process, the boarding regime will be 14×14 and all must have taken the Salvage and T-HUET courses ( that's right if you read “T-HEUT” = Submerged Aircraft Escape Training for Tropical Waters, click here and find out how to take this course). Interested parties should send their resumes to, mentioning the job title, city of residence and years of experience in the subject. Check out the source and an example in the print below:

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