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Bringing the end of the S10 and Ranger, Volkswagen launches a pickup truck with a 6 hp V272 turbodiesel engine and F Motion all-wheel drive!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 18/06/2024 às 20:46
“amarok 2025”, “volkswagen”, “pickup”
photo/reproduction: volkswagen

Volkswagen's new pickup promises to redefine the category segment. The launch is scheduled for July in Argentina and August in Brazil!

A Volkswagen is ready to shake up the pickup truck market with the arrival of amarok 2025. The new generation, which will be launched in June 2024, is equipped with an engine 6 horsepower V272 turbodiesel, promising to be the most powerful in the category. Furthermore, the Amarok 2025 stands out for its modern design, cutting-edge technology and a luxurious interior, according to wheels and engines.

Unbeatable power and performance

The 2025 Volkswagen Amarok is no joke when it comes to power. Its V6 turbodiesel engine delivers an impressive 272 horsepower and 580 Nm of torque, ensuring superior performance both in the city and on off-road adventures. To complement, the 10-speed automatic transmission offers a smooth and efficient drive, ideal for any type of terrain.

Another highlight is the traction system integral F Motion, which provides an incredible off-road experience, allowing you to face any challenge with confidence. Whether on mud trails or dirt roads, the Amarok 2025 is ready for any adventure.

“amarok 2025”, “volkswagen”, “pickup”
photo/reproduction: autosport

technology and comfort

Inside the New Amarok 2025, the luxury and technology are evident. The full digital dashboard and 12-inch infotainment system ensure that all important information is always at hand, while high-quality materials inside provide a comfortable and sophisticated environment.

In terms of security, the Volkswagen spared no effort. The Amarok 2025 is equipped with autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane assist, offering an extra layer of protection for all occupants.

design and style

The design of the Amarok 2025 is a perfect combination of modernity and robustness. With full LED headlights and 20-inch alloy wheels, the pickup displays a striking presence on the road. This look isn't just aesthetic; it also contributes to the functionality and aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

Launch and expansion

Volkswagen has confirmed that the 2025 Amarok will be launched in July 2024 in Argentina, where it is produced, and soon after it will reach the Brazil in August. This new version, known as “South American version of Amarok,” brings significant changes to the front, interior and safety equipment, but maintains the 2.0 turbodiesel and 3.0 V6 turbodiesel engines.

“amarok 2025”, “volkswagen”, “pickup”
photo/reproduction: land

In addition to the Amarok, the Volkswagen Group has other ambitious plans for the region, including the launch of the Audi Q8 E-tron and the expansion of electric charger infrastructure in partnership with Shell. The company also reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, planning to plant 25.000 new trees in Argentina.

Volkswagen's challenges and commitments

Amarok production at the Pacheco, Argentina, faced several challenges due to lack of parts and supplier debts. However, Volkswagen is determined to follow through with its plans and ensure that the 2025 Amarok reaches the market as promised.

In short, the New Amarok 2025 is a pickup truck that combines power, technology, comfort and style, ready to dominate the South American market. So, with its launch imminent, pickup truck fans and Volkswagen enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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