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Offshore Recruitment seeks certified climbers

12 from 2018 to 07 at 15: XNUMX
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irata wind energy germany vacancies

The opportunities are for Technicians with specific certifications in order to work with renewable energy, find out more details

Offshore recruiting from abroad with a strong presence in renewable energy, more precisely in the wind modality, looking for technicians with certificates and with the courage to carry out temporary work in wind towers abroad. According to Trac Oil and Gas, responsible for the professionals, the mobilizations for these works will start on August 16 and with a maximum period of 2 weeks of work. See who can apply:


Candidates must have a degree in electrotechnics, with experience in the job, an Irata level 1,2, 3 or XNUMX Rope Access course. The jobs will take place in Germany, in the North Sea area. All those interested with offshore certifications, passport and fluency in English/German, send your resumes in English to, stating the following in the title: “IRATA level 3 with electrical certification and GWO”

The offshore wind farm, with the energy capacity to supply 50 homes in Germany, the offshore Alpha Ventus received investments of €250 million and is located in the North Sea, 45 kilometers from the coast. The project is the result of a consortium of EWE, E.ON and Vattenfall Europe. With the 12 turbines in operation, the park has a generation potential of 60 MW. The objective is to make the production of clean energy from wind, on the high seas, much greater in the next 20 years.

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