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Open for subscriptions! Embrapa releases distance learning courses that are completely free and generate certificates, available throughout Brazil. sign up

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 04/06/2024 às 07:50
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Photo: reproduction www.embrapa.br

Embrapa offers courses in the areas of agriculture, farming and more, check out the opportunities available!

Embrapa, a Brazilian agribusiness giant, announced the availability of several opportunities in free online (distance learning – EAD) and in-person courses, free of charge. To the registration is open and the training offered varies in duration and includes a guaranteed certificate.

Founded in 1973, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) is a vital link in the public sector, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa), with the mission of forging the technology necessary for an authentically authentic agriculture and livestock system. tropical. This institution faces the perennial challenge of ensuring Brazil's food security and consolidating its position as a protagonist on the global stage of trade in food, fiber and energy.

In carrying out this task, in permanent dialogue with producers, scientific organizations and leaders from the State and civil society, Embrapa is guided by: scientific excellence in agricultural research; quality and productive efficiency in crops and livestock; environmental sustainability; social aspects; partnerships with the productive sector.

Check out some free EAD courses offered by Embrapa

  • Good practices for the production and processing of single açaí fruits for pulp production
  • Property Management and Control Tools in Sheep and Goat Production
  • Compost
  • Integrated Natural Rubber Production (Rubber Tree - Farm Phase)
  • LINA (Non-Acid Unstable Milk): diagnosis and prevention
  • Recovery of Degraded Pastures
  • Raising Free-Range Chickens in Family Farming in the Semiarid Region
  • Mushrooms: main features and potential markets
  • Vegetable gardens in small spaces
  • Basic financial mathematics
  • Agricultural Pollination
  • Soil and Water Conservation Fundamentals and Practices
  • Collection of Soil Samples for Fertility Purposes
  • Compost
  • Property management and control tools in goat and sheep production
  • Residential Aquaponics
  • Biosafety in research laboratories
  • Wood wasp prevention, monitoring and control measures
  • and much more!!

Registration for Embrapa EAD courses and more information 

Os distance learning courses made available by Embrapa are offered online, with a workload variation ranging from 4 to 80 hours, adjusting to the complexity of the selected topic. Additionally, these free online courses (distance learning – EAD), offered by EMBRAPA, guarantee the issuance of a certificate free of charge. Participants who meet the criteria established for each course will receive a certificate of participation, attesting to their dedication and learning.

To benefit from this incredible opportunity to free e-learning courses, simply access the Embrapa website CLICKING HERE, select the online course or courses you prefer and register. Registration and EAD courses are completely free. Don't miss this chance!

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