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Senac opens 846 places in free professional courses

18 May 2024 to 13: 43
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Senac announced the opening of 846 places in several free professional courses for June, as part of the Free Program.
Photo: Canva

Senac announced the opening of 846 places in several free professional courses for June, as part of the Free Program.

This Saturday, (18/05), the National Commercial Learning Service of the Federal District (Senac-DF) has an unmissable opportunity for those seeking professional training. With the opening of 846 free places in various free professional courses, Senac-DF reinforces its commitment to providing learning opportunities for low-income people.

This initiative is part of the Senac Free Program and aims not only to train, but also to promote social inclusion and the personal and professional development of participants.

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Senac Free Program: Opportunity for everyone

The 846 vacancies offered by Senac-DF represent a unique opportunity for low-income individuals who wish to qualify for the job market.

With free courses in diverse areas, from Gastronomy to Information Technology, the program meets a wide range of interests and professional needs.

Furthermore, registrations are open not only to those with a per capita family income of up to two minimum wages, but also to students enrolled or graduating from basic education, as well as workers, employed or unemployed.

What are the free courses offered at Senac?

As vacancies are distributed across different Senac units, each offering a variety of free professional courses to meet local and regional demands.

At the Ceilândia Unit, for example, those interested can find courses such as Personnel Assistant, Eyebrow Design and Excel with VBA and Dashboard.

At the Plano Piloto Unit, courses cover areas such as Gastronomy and Health, with options such as Cake Design — Improvement and Elderly Care.

Application requirements and procedures

Each free Senac course has specific access requirements, which vary depending on the area of ​​study and level of education.

Start and end dates, as well as class times, also vary from course to course, offering flexibility for participants.

Those interested in signing up for one of the free courses should access the Senac-DF website for more information about registration, procedures and necessary documentation.

Click here To sign up.

With the opening of 846 places in free professional training courses, Senac-DF reaffirms its commitment to promoting education and employment for all.

This initiative not only offers learning opportunities, but also contributes to social inclusion and economic development in the region.

For those who wish to invest in their professional future, this is a unique chance to acquire new knowledge and skills, preparing themselves for the challenges of the current and future job market.

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