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Senar opens selection process with 50 vacancies in free distance learning technical courses

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 30/12/2020 às 12:55
Senar - free courses - vacancies
Vacancies in free courses

There will be 25 vacancies in free courses for mid-level agribusiness technicians made available by Senar

50 vacancies are offered in free distance learning courses by Senar, 25 for mid-level technicians in agribusiness, at the Boa Vista center and 25 for mid-level technicians in fruit growing, at the Rorainópolis hub, in the south of the state.

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According to the public notice, vacancies in Senar's free courses will take place in face-to-face and distance mode. Interested parties can apply exclusively from the site of Senar.

The selection of free courses will be made by analyzing the certificate of completion of high school and the school record or equivalent official document, in addition to the documents defined for proving the priority public, informed the entity.

About the free courses offered by Senar

The technical course in agribusiness has 1.230 hours, 80% online and 20% face-to-face, lasting 2 years. The student learns how to manage and sell Brazilian agricultural products.

The technical course in fruit growing has 1.350 hours, 70% online and 30% face-to-face, lasting 2 and a half years. The student learns to carry out the execution, planning and control of the entire production process of fruit plants.

About Senar

The National Rural Learning Service – Senar provides a change in the attitude of the producer and the rural worker, who do their best to ensure good quality food for Brazilians.

It awakens the rural population with the offer of vacant Rural Vocational Training actions, Social Promotion Activities, Middle Level Technical Education, in person and at a distance, and with an innovative model of Technical and Managerial Assistance.

Valdemar Medeiros

Journalist in training, specialist in creating content with a focus on SEO actions. Writes about the Automotive Industry, Renewable Energy and Science and Technology

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