Home Shell plans to buy wind farms from Eletrobras

Shell plans to buy wind farms from Eletrobras

25 from 2018 to 13 at 30: XNUMX
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Shell plans to buy wind farms from Eletrobras
Shell wind farm Brazil

Shell is studying the purchase of wind farms that Eletrobras wants to sell to reduce its debts.

Eletrobras wants to negotiate its performance in the production of wind farms for renewable energy in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia. The parks will be auctioned on September 27th and, according to the organizers, competition will be strong. Shell is considering participating in the auction and acquiring most of the wind farms. Eletrobras put its stake in the project up for sale with the intention of reducing its debts. “We feel more comfortable today to evaluate alternatives, which can be both greenfield projects (new ventures) and eventually an acquisition”, words of the Financial and Investor Relations Director Armando Casado de Araujo of Eletrobrás.

National Wind Farms

In Brazil, as in the whole world, there is a search to improve the distribution of electric energy, but without the high costs of conventional suppliers. The solution found and most studied by specialists is renewable energy and in particular wind farms. A wind farm is a space, on land or sea, where several wind turbines are concentrated to transform wind energy into electrical energy. Shell has always sought commercial relations with Brazil and this partnership opens up many work and business opportunities.

Lots for auction

Five lots will be auctioned and the estimate in numbers already reaches a minimum value of R$ 3,1 billion in profits. The most important thing is the batch A  called SPE Santa Vitória do Palmar Holding which alone will yield R$ 635,6 million. At the batch B, are the Eólica Hermenegildo I, II and III SPEs, in addition to the Chuí IX wind farm. Lot C includes the Wind SPEs Serra das Vacas I, II, III and IV, in Pernambuco. Lot D in Piauí, it includes the SPE Ventos de Santa Joana I, III, IV, V, VII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XV and XVI in addition to Ventos de Santo Augusto IV. Batch E, F and G in Rio Grande do Norte, includes in the batch E the SPE Caiçara I and II Wind Power Plant, in addition to the Junco I and II Wind Power Plant. At the batch F, Brasventos Eolo, Brasventos Miassaba 3 and Rei dos Ventos 3. batch G, the Wind Mangue Seco 2. Lot H in Bahia, includes the SPEs Pedra Branca, São Pedro do Lago, Sete Gameleiras, Baraúnas I Energética, Mussambê Energética, Morro Branco I Energética, Baraúnas II Energética and Banda de Couro Energética SA

Documents available:​
Notice of the Eletrobras Auction in the

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