Home Solar energy: how many solar panels are needed to generate 500 kWh in your home?

Solar energy: how many solar panels are needed to generate 500 kWh in your home?

8 April 2024 14 gies: 15
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Solar energy: how many solar panels are needed to generate 500 kWh in your home?
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Discover how to calculate the exact number of solar panels to generate 500 kWh per month in your home, considering factors such as daily consumption, solar irradiation and system efficiency to make better use of solar energy.

How many solar panels are needed to cover a consumption of 500 kWh per month in your home? This common dilemma in solar energy is covered in detail, offering a simplified method for estimating the appropriate number of solar panels, not only for this specific consumption, but for any energy demand.

The calculation involves three crucial factors: the average daily consumption, the average daily solar irradiation at the installation location and the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. Initially, we identified that to supply 500 kWh per month, the average daily consumption would be approximately 16,67 kWh. This number serves as the basis for our subsequent calculations.

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Solar irradiation and system efficiency

Solar irradiation varies depending on geographic location. Taking Belo Horizonte as an example, the average daily irradiation is 5,4 kWh/m². And, we consider a standard loss in the photovoltaic system of around 25%, resulting in an efficiency of 75%.

Solar irradiation refers to the amount of solar energy that reaches a specific area in a given period, being a crucial element in the planning and efficiency of photovoltaic systems. This indicator, measured in kWh per square meter per day, varies significantly with geographic location, weather conditions and season, directly impacting the amount of energy that solar panels can generate. See this LINK to find out more about the irradiation of your city.

Final calculation and selection of boards solar

By applying this data to the specific formula, we determine that the power required for the system is approximately 4,122 kW. Based on this, and choosing 540 W panels, around 8 panels would be needed to meet the desired consumption, preferring to round up to ensure energy sufficiency.

This calculation serves as a guide to determine the number of solar panels necessary to meet the specific energy needs of a home or business, adapting to different consumption and locations. We encourage you to perform this calculation for your personal consumption, sharing the results to enrich our community with practical information about the effective implementation of solar energy.

The cost of 8 540W solar panels

The cost to purchase and install 8 540W solar panels can vary between R$20.000 and R$30.000, depending on factors such as the brand of panels, the technology used, the location of the installation and the cost of labor. Renowned brands and more advanced technologies tend to increase the price, while tax incentives and financing options can reduce the total investment.

To get the best value, it is essential to research and compare offers from different suppliers and check the qualifications of installers. Additionally, considering local solar incidence and potential tax benefits can help maximize the return on your solar energy investment.

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