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Solution or decline? A city in Minas Gerais that is a historic heritage site will receive R$300 MILLION in investment from the mining company and promises to generate more than 1.500 direct and indirect jobs!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 13/06/2024 às 21:35
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photo/reproduction: herculaneum mining

Mineradora Herculano invests in a new unit with sustainable technology and job creation in a small municipality in Minas Gerais!

According to Correodeminas, the small municipality of Serro, Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais, is about to experience an economic revolution. A Herculano Mining announced an investment of R $ million 300 for the implementation of a new mine and iron ore processing unit in the city. This project, which is currently in the licensing process, promises to produce 1,5 million tons of granulate and sinter feed per year, employing sustainable technologies that do not require the use of tailings dams. Expected to begin operations in 2025, the project is expected to generate around 1.500 direct and indirect jobs.

Sustainability and technology: innovations in processing

One of the great novelties of this project is the processing method adopted by Herculano Mining. The unit will use filtration and dry stacking of tailings, avoiding the need for dams. This process is crucial for environmental and community safety, especially in Minas Gerais, a state that has already suffered tragedies caused by dam collapses. “No dams here, just innovation and safety!“, comments a sector expert.

Furthermore, public hearing scheduled for June 11 It will be an opportunity for the local community to be informed and actively participate in decisions that will impact the region. The support of the population and local authorities, such as the mayor and the President of the Chamber of Councilors, has been fundamental, particularly highlighting the generation of jobs as one of the main benefits of the project.

”mining”, “mining company”, “minas geral”, “herculano”
photo/reproduction: herculaneum mining

Economic and social impact: a new era for Serro

The economic impact of this investment is significant. The forecast of 1.500 new jobs, between direct and indirect, represents a true transformation for Serro, a city traditionally known for its cheese production. With the new mine, not only will there be a diversification of the local economy, but also an increase in the quality of life of residents, thanks to increased income and the development of infrastructure.

Herculano Mineração, founded in 1992, already has a successful operation in Itabirito (MG), with installed capacity to produce 5 million tons of ore of iron. The company's experience and previous success offer a solid foundation for the development of the project in Serro. “We are ready for a new chapter of growth and innovation“, says a representative of mining company.

Promising future: expansion of the mining company Herculano in Minas Gerais

In addition to the project in Serro, Herculano Mineração has two other large projects planned in Minas Gerais. In João Monlevade, the company plans to invest R $ million 150 for a unit with production capacity of 1,5 million tons annually. In Ouro Preto, the Vila Rica project, with a planned investment of R $ million 200, will have the same production capacity. Therefore, both projects are scheduled to begin operations in 2026, demonstrating Herculano's continued commitment to sustainable growth and innovation in the mining sector.

However, these investments reflect a long-term vision for mining in Minas Gerais, with a focus on sustainability process and value generation for local communities. “The future of mining passes here, with technology, safety and respect for the environment“, declares the CEO of Herculano Mineração.

”mining”, “mining company”, “minas geral”, “herculano”
photo/reproduction: turismodeminas

A new horizon for Serro

Therefore, the investment of Herculano Mining em Serro represents a unique opportunity for the city and the region of Jequitinhonha Valley. With advanced technology, a focus on sustainability and a promise of economic development, the project has the potential to transform the local reality. The population, authorities and the mining company are united around a common objective: build a prosperous and secure future for all. Serro is about to enter a new era, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

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