Home Starnav Serviços Marítimos is looking for professionals in Macaé

Starnav Serviços Marítimos is looking for professionals in Macaé

27 July 2018 to 13: 34
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Marine services vacancies in Macae

Opportunity for professional Warehouse Assistant in a company that provides maritime services in Macaé with an excellent career plan

Excellent job opportunity in Macaé to work as a Warehouse Assistant in a maritime services company. If you are a professional with experience in the role, do not miss this career opportunity in one of the largest companies in the national maritime and logistics sector. To participate in the selection process, follow the information below, where we will be specifying the essential information for the candidacy.


  • Auxiliary warehouse
  • Have experience in the role
  • male preference

A "starnav currently has one of the largest and most modern fleets of “Hi-Spec” PSVs in the world, in addition to its modern fleet of Tugboats (Port/Ocean) and Line Handler with high capacity for Bollard Pull and Maneuverability, operating its fleet always in search of of high operating performance, with a strong commitment to the highest standards of Safety, Health and Environment, investing in the improvement and qualification of its team”.

How to apply for the vacancy:

To apply for the job, you must meet all the requirements outlined above by Starnav's human resources. Although the company did not specify training, courses and certificates, it is important that you include them all in your resume to have a better chance of securing the job. A very important point and worth mentioning, HR analyzes the experience proven through CTPS. If interested, please send your CV to the email address:

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