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Technology giant MICROSOFT opens vacancies for free online courses with certificate

Written by Noel Budeguer
Published 28/05/2024 às 20:52
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Free online training! Microsoft offers courses in programming, data analysis, and more. Take this chance to stand out

Discover the best free online courses from the Ministry of Labor and Employment in partnership with MICROSOFT. Subscribe now

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is offering an unmissable opportunity for anyone who wants to qualify professionally for free and online. The free courses, available to interested Brazilians, cover several areas and are an excellent way to improve your knowledge without leaving home.

The free courses from the Ministry of Labor and Employment are a great option for those looking to improve their skills and stand out in the job market. With a varied workload and updated content, these free courses are a unique opportunity to gain training at no cost.

EaD: Learn in the comfort of your home

With distance learning (EaD), you can study in the comfort of your home, at your own pace and according to your time availability. The online courses offered by the Ministry of Labor and Employment are an excellent way to use your free time to qualify and increase your chances of professional success.

Whether you are a student looking for knowledge or a professional looking to improve, the Ministry of Labor and Employment's free courses are suitable for all ages and experience levels. With a variety of topics and an innovative teaching methodology, these free courses are a unique opportunity to qualify for free.

Free online courses from the Ministry of Labor and Employment with open places

Digital Literacy

  • Work with computers, 2h
  • Access information online, 1h
  • Communicate online, 1h
  • Create digital content, 1h
  • Collaborate and manage digital content, 1h
  • Participate online safely and responsibly, 1h

Personal Productivity

  • Word, 2h
  • Excel, 5h
  • Powerpoint, 3h

Collaborative Productivity

  • Outlook, 2h
  • Teams, 2h
  • Onenote, 1h
  • Onedrive, 1h
  • Sharepoint, 1h

Introduction to programming

  • Write your first C# code, 9am
  • Create a simple website using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT, 2h

IT administrator

  • Introduction to basic concepts, 1h
  • Create a cloud governance strategy in Azure, 2h
  • Introduction to Azure Virtual Machines, 2h
  • Basic concepts of computer networking, 2h
  • Basic concepts of network security, 2h
  • Control Azure services with the CLI, 2h
  • Automate Azure tasks using scripts with Powershell, 3h
  • Protect your identities with Azure Active Directory, 1h
  • Introduction to DOCKER Containers, 1h
  • Choose a data storage approach in Azure, 1h

Data Analyst

  • Introduction to Microsoft Data Analytics, 3h
  • Prepare data for analysis, 4h
  • Model data in Power BI, 5h
  • Visualize data in Power BI, 6am
  • Data analysis in Power BI, 3h

Data Security Analyst

  • Secure cloud applications in Azure, 9am
  • Implement resource management security in Azure, 7h
  • Implement network security in Azure, 7h
  • Implement virtual machine host security in Azure, 6h
  • Identity and access management in Azure Active Directory, 8am
  • Manage Security operations in Azure, 6h
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence on Azure, 1h
  • Create code-free predictive models with Azure Machine Learning, 4h
  • Explore computer vision search on Microsoft Azure, 3h
  • Explore Natural Language Processing, 3h
  • Explore Conversational AI, 1h

Data Engineer

  • Azure for the data engineer, 4h
  • Store data in Azure, 7h
  • Work with relational data in Azure, 8h
  • Work with NOSQL data in Azure Cosmos DB, 8h
  • Large-scale data processing with Azure Data Lake Storage GEN2, 2h

Data Scientist

  • Create code-free predictive models with Azure Machine Learning, 9h
  • Create AI solutions with Azure Machine Learning, 11am

Dynamics 365 – Basics

  • CRM Fundamentals (MB-910 Certification), 19pm
  • ERP Fundamentals (MB-920 Certification), 14pm

Dynamics 365 – CRM Intermediate

  • Functional consultant for the Sales Module (PL-200 and MB-210 Certifications), 68h
  • Functional consultant for the Customer Service Module (PL-200 and MB-230 Certifications), 82h
  • Functional consultant for the Supply Chain Module (MB-300 and MB-330 Certifications), 15pm

Dynamics 365 – ERP Intermediate

  • Microsoft ERP Application Developer (MB-300 and MB-500 Certifications), 86h
    CRM intermediary
  • Create Microsoft ERP applications, 67h

Dynamics 365 – Intermediate

  • Configure and use accounting functions in Microsoft ERP, 62h
  • Configure and work with analytics and reports in Microsoft ERP applications, 12 p.m.
  • Configure and use optimized manufacturing in the Supply Chain module, 12:XNUMX p.m.
  • Set up and work with Warehouse and Inventory Management, 8h

Financial Education with Excel

  • Module I – Our relationship with money, 20pm
  • Module II – Organize your finances, 20pm
  • Module III – Learn about investments, 20pm

Registration open: Secure your spot

Enrolling in Ministry of Labor and Employment courses is simple and quick. Just access the website https://cadastro.escoladotrabalhador40.com.br/ and fill out the registration form. After successfully completing the courses, you will receive a free digital certificate, proving your acquired skills and knowledge. Don't miss this opportunity to qualify for free and online. Sign up now and start studying!

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