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The profession that could generate 90 thousand job openings per year in Brazil and is not in the technology sector!

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Published 22/05/2024 às 18:18
The profession that could generate 90 thousand vacancies
Photo: Strong Business School professor predicts high demand for professionals in the coming years

The job market goes beyond technology: learn about the profession of economist.

We are increasingly moving towards a future guided by technology and artificial intelligence. While some professions will succumb, others, which have served humanity for centuries, will gain even more strength in the globally transformed job market. One of these professions is economist!

Economists in the context of artificial intelligence

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, concern about the development of artificial intelligence and the replacement of labor by AI was highlighted. According to an IMF study, around 60% of jobs in advanced economies are exposed to artificial intelligence. In emerging economies, this exposure is 40%, and in low-income countries, 26%. These numbers underscore not only the inevitability of automation in many industries, but also the growing need for skills that only humans can provide.

Despite technological changes, international trade and the urgency of the climate crisis, recurring themes, show that human intervention will be essential in the next decade. Economistas will play a crucial role in environmental, social and economic defense agendas, regardless of the sector.

The role of economists in society

Economistas play a vital role in interpreting complex data and formulating economic policies that directly impact the well-being of societies. Your ability to discern between raw data and social implications is essential for guiding sustainable decisions. Sandro Maskio, professor of economics at Strong Business School, states that the market offers more vacancies for economists than colleges can produce. With demand outstripping supply, wages are high, placing economists among the ten highest paid professions in Brazil.

Analyzing data from the Ministry of Labor's Annual List of Social Information for 2021 and 2022, there was an increase of 90.284 workers in occupations related to the activities of the economist in the country's formal job market. In the same period, there was an increase of around 9.000 specific vacancies for economists trained and professionally registered. This significant increase in vacancies reflects Brazil's economic recovery post-Covid-19 pandemic. Maskio predicts that in the coming years, the profession of economist will gain even more space, due to the requirement for quick analysis and efficient management in a competitive market.

Forecasts and future demands

Predict the exact number of job openings for economists in Brazil over the next decade is challenging, due to variables such as economic conditions, government policies, technological advances and changes in the job market. However, with economic growth and the continued need for expert guidance, the demand for economists must remain solid.

Economistas They are employed in a variety of sectors, including government, financial institutions, consultancies, private companies and international organizations. Demand may vary depending on the performance of these sectors. Maskio highlights that, for the new generation of economists, it is essential to master technological tools such as Power BI, programming in R and Python. Skills in big data analysis, artificial intelligence and the digital economy are competitive differentiators in the job market.


In short, the demand for economists follows the economic situation and the needs for analysis and strategic planning, which are increasingly pulsating in societies and companies. Professionals who follow changes and adapt have good job prospects. Therefore, although artificial intelligence transforms the economic and social landscape, economists will not only remain relevant, but will become even more indispensable in building an equitable and sustainable future.

About Strong Business School

Strong Business School, with more than 25 years in the market and four campuses in Greater São Paulo, offers courses in Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Law and Advertising and Marketing. Affiliated with FGV, the school has PhD professors, international researchers, statistics centers and agreements with the largest universities in Europe and the United States.

Source: Katia Marchena.

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