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The resumption of construction gains in 2021 with the power of technology

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 30/12/2020 às 13:45
Earnings - civil construction - technology
Technology and construction

As a result of the fourth industrial revolution, the use of technology in civil construction is capable of raising productivity, earnings and competitiveness in the sector.

Many expect that in 2021 the demand for civil construction will be picked up by the market and that by the end of 2021, we will have reversed the result of 2020 with gains and help from technology. The construction market has not stopped completely, but we have noticed a general setback in all sectors during this difficult period we are experiencing.

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The power of technology in construction

Technology in construction can be defined as the study and application of techniques, methods and tools used in the construction industry. As this segment belongs to the engineering branch, it is natural that it is greatly influenced by inventions and technological innovations to boost earnings.

In fact, these innovations enabled and continue to generate progress in construction. In general, the technological evolution it occurs in response to the search for greater productivity and profits – objectives of industries in all areas.

To achieve these goals and increase earnings, many organizations invest in research and development, in addition to keeping up to date on instruments and new theories available on the market. This practice has been common since the emergence of these institutions, but gained speed with the era of globalization and, more recently, with the fourth industrial revolution.

Responsible for the emergence of industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution is nothing more than the continuation of a process of improvement in technology or, specifically, in machines.

Technology and earnings growth

The use of technology is an essential factor to provide efficiency to production activities in civil construction and increase earnings. In other words, technological innovations are important allies in reducing, or even eliminating, one of the biggest problems in the sector: waste.

The complexity and multidisciplinarity of construction projects end up making it difficult to manage all kinds of resources – material, human, financial -, which can lead to great waste.

In addition to the most obvious resources, time is another scarce item during the execution of projects, which usually result in pressure on builders to deliver buildings in increasingly tight deadlines. Without technology reinforcements, it is difficult to meet targets, resulting in delivery delays, which are relatively common when talking about civil construction.

According to studies, since the beginning of the 21st century, companies in this sector face a moment of transition, evidenced by more demanding consumers, greater competition and discredit of organizations.

In this scenario, institutions need to prioritize improvements in the quality of buildings, rationalization (modernization) of processes and innovation, which leads to the development of new products. Investing in technology is essential for these three aspects, as it enables the development and use of modern and innovative materials and processes.

Valdemar Medeiros

Journalist in training, specialist in creating content with a focus on SEO actions. Writes about the Automotive Industry, Renewable Energy and Science and Technology

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