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The terror of the Toyota Corolla: favorite of the moment for less than R$ 200 thousand, new BYD King arrives in Brazil with an UNPRECEDENTED discount to take Corolla Hybrid off its 'pedestal'!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 18/06/2024 às 21:59
BYD - toyota corolla
Photo: Youtube reproduction

The BYD King, a plug-in hybrid sedan, is on pre-sale in Brazil with prices between R$190 and R$200, promising to rival the Corolla Hybrid

BYD, known for its electric and hybrid vehicles, began pre-sales of the BYD King plug-in hybrid sedan in Brazil. With the official launch scheduled for the next few days, the model has already made its first public appearance on the Domingão program and had its reservation website open to the public. Taking advantage of the pre-sale phase, the Chinese brand offers a discount of R$6 thousand, reducing the initial price to R$184 thousand, according to the Insideevs website.

Pricing and positioning

Initially, it was speculated that the BYD King could cost below R$180 thousand, based on prices practiced in Mexico. However, BYD has made it clear that its main target is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, which costs above this range, approximately R$190 thousand. Thus, the final price of the BYD King was established between R$190 and R$200.

The BYD King!

Design and dimensions

BYD King is a updated version of the Qin Plus, a model previously discarded by the brand in Brazil. Based on the Destroyer 05, the King features a modern and elegant design, although less bold than the BYD Han or BYD Seal models. It has headlights and LED taillights, 17-inch two-tone alloy wheels, a grille with chrome details and a profile with an elongated roof at the rear.

Photo: Canaltech

In terms of dimensions, the BYD King measures 4,78 meters long, 1,83 meters wide, 1,49 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2,71 meters. The trunk has a capacity of 450 liters. In comparison, the Toyota Corolla measures 4,63 meters long, 1,78 meters wide, 1,45 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2,70 meters, with a 470-liter trunk.

Comparison: PHEV vs HEV

The BYD King's main competition is the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, but there are significant differences between the two. The Corolla Hybrid uses a conventional hybrid system with a 1.8 hp 122 engine and a 1,3 kWh battery, recharged during braking. The BYD King has a plug-in hybrid system with a 1.5 engine and an electric motor, offering a combined power of 204 hp and an 8,3 kWh battery. This provides a range of 50 km in electric mode, a combined range of 1.200 km and a consumption of 25,6 km/liter.

Available BYD versions

The BYD King will be sold in two versions in Brazil. The GL version has a 8,3 kWh battery, which offers a range of 50 km in electric mode. The most equipped version, GS, has a larger 18,3 kWh battery, the same used in the Song Plus, which guarantees an electric range of close to 100 km.

Technology and equipment

In terms of technology, the BYD King stands out with a 8,8-inch digital instruments and a 12,8-inch screen for the information and entertainment system. The model includes voice commands, 4G network, cloud service, remote updates and a driver assistance package that includes cruise control, lane keeping assistant and traffic sign recognition.

market perspectives

As the first model in this year's “BYD hybrid offensive,” the King has great potential to boost the brand’s sales in Brazil and compete directly with well-established models established like the Corolla. It remains to be seen whether the competitive price and technological attributes will be sufficient to conquer the Brazilian market.

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