Home Thermoelectric Porto do Açú is about to come out in agreement between Prumo and BP

Thermoelectric Porto do Açú is about to come out in agreement between Prumo and BP

December 26 from 2017 to 09: 01
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thermoelectric producing energy

With an agreement signed between the two subsidiaries of these companies, the Porto do Açú Termoelectric may have works started by the end of 2019

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Porto do Açu Thermoelectric  is close to a positive outcome after a commitment between BP Global Investments and a subsidiary of Prumo, "Gás Natural Açu". The English company signed a contract that provides for an investment of US$ 7,5 million as new shares are entered in its market shares.

The signed partnership determines investment in UTE GNA, which is also a subsidiary of GNA, which will probably be responsible for the construction and operation of this thermoelectric plant. Not only for this project, but BP is also eyeing future projects in Porto, and therefore demanded that in the clause of subsequent contracts, it demanded to guarantee its participation in future undertakings in São João da Barra.

Therefore, this association between Plumb and BP predicts that the British company will keep half of all the wealth generated by Gas Natural Açu Comercializadora de Energia Ltda. Prumo Logística will be in charge of developing bargains for the purchase and sale of energy, gas and its derivatives from the thermoelectric production and operations.

Expectations for the Port of Açú

On the 8th of November, the  governors of RJ and ES signed a partnership at an event organized by Prumo in Porto do Açu for a rail link between the states. Which the main purpose is to leverage the economy of the states and facilitating the logistics of materials through the state interconnection rails. There is also great interest from the Chinese in the port, so much so that big businessmen were there in July in person and want to focus on exports, check out the complete story of everything they want to do in the region.

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