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To exterminate Jeep Compass and annihilate BYD Song: GWM Haval, the 326 hp hybrid SUV, R$50.000 cheaper, more economical and capable of recovering 80% of its charge in just HALF AN HOUR!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 20/06/2024 às 20:12
Photo: GWM reproduction

A new competitor in the hybrid SUV category takes the market by storm by revealing the machine's power and value!

O GWM Haval H6 PHEV19 arrives on the market with an attractive proposal: offering a SUV plug-in hybrid cheaper and more economical. Equipped with a 19 kWh battery, the vehicle guarantees an electric range of up to 115 km, according to the WLTP cycle. The affordable price, around R$229.000, is one of the great attractions of this new version, placing it as a strong competitor to the BYD Song Plus PHEV, which recently also underwent an update in the 2025 line, according to fourrodas.

With an engine gasoline turbo and a combined power of 326 horses: Haval H6 PHEV19 not only promises savings, but also superior performance compared to its competitors. Let's explore more about this SUV that could transform the way we view plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Economy and performance: an unbeatable combination from GWM

One of the biggest advantages of GWM Haval H6 PHEV19 is its price. With an initial value of R $ 229.000, the version is up R$50.000 cheaper than competitors that have all-wheel drive. In addition, GWM offers a discount of R$10.000 for purchases made until the end of June, making the SUV even more attractive to consumers.

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photo/reproduction: Jornaldocarro

Energy Efficiency

The 19 kWh battery provides an electric range of up to 115 km, which is ideal for those who undertake short daily journeys and want to save on gasoline consumption. Furthermore, the Haval H6 PHEV19 count with fast recharge up to 33 kW, allowing recovery from 20% to 80% charge in just half an hour. This ensures that the vehicle is always ready for the next journey, without long waits for recharging.

Power and versatility

With a combined power of 326 horsepower and 53 kgfm of torque, the Haval H6 PHEV19 offers impressive performance for a plug-in hybrid SUV. The turbocharged gasoline engine outperforms the naturally aspirated engine of the SongPlus, ensuring more power and a more agile driving. Additionally, the battery can be used to power external electronics with power up to 3,3 kW, adding an extra layer of detail to the vehicle.

Ample internal space

The Haval H6 PHEV19 is not only efficient and powerful, but also spacious e comfortable. The interior of the vehicle was designed to provide the maximum comfort occupants, with good legroom in the rear seat. This makes the SUV an ideal option for families and those who value comfort on long trips.

Technology and connectivity

In addition to comfort, the Haval H6 PHEV19 is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including connectivity e advanced driver assistance features. This ensures a safe and connected driving experience, keeping occupants informed and entertained throughout the journey.

Expectations of the new GWM for the Brazilian market

Despite not yet being available on the Brazilian market, the arrival of the GWM Haval H6 PHEV19 is eagerly awaited. With your affordable price and impressive attributes, the SUV promises to be a success among Brazilian consumers looking for an efficient and powerful plug-in hybrid vehicle.

In short, the GWM Haval H6 PHEV19 combines economy, performance and comfort in an attractive and affordable package. This new plug-in hybrid SUV is sure to change market dynamics by offering an option robust and efficient for consumers. Keep an eye out for this launch and get ready to experience a new way of driving.

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