Home Turbines have just arrived at Thermoelectric, see the photos

Turbines have just arrived at Thermoelectric, see the photos

26 June 2018 to 06: 52
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thermoelectric ge turbines

The turbines were manufactured by General Electric for the Porto de Sergipe I Thermoelectric Complex, under the command of Celse

Sergipe has a lot to celebrate, everything is going from strength to strength for the state's newest energy project. The Porto de Sergipe I Thermoelectric Complex, under the management of CELSE and located in the city of Barra os Coqueiros, has just received the turbines that will be installed in the project and which were developed by General Electric (GE), with state-of-the-art technology.

Photo Disclosure GE

So far, there are 3 turbines of the type 7HA, powered by gas and according to the Book of Records, they are the most efficient on the planet so far. GE invested around US$2 billion to develop this type of technology and there is nothing similar on the market, mainly because they pollute 90% less than conventional diesel-powered turbines.

=Being the largest investment by the private sector so far, the Porto de Sergipe I Thermoelectric Complex was budgeted at R$6,4 billion. Latin.

In addition to the thermoelectric plant, the complex is made up of some offshore terminals and live power transmission lines, which are annexes to the LNG regasification system, including the gas pipeline. In order to make this new phase of the undertaking possible, CELSE signed contractual terms to finance them through banks and other bodies.

Would you like to work on these works?

We did an article on May 20th, when there were new hiring phases open for these works, naturally these same hirings must have “cooled down” a little given the fact that the project has been going on for some time, but we list the companies that operate there, with phone contacts, e-mail and registration site. For more details and maybe try your luck, ACCESS THE ARTICLE LINK BY CLICKING HERE, it costs nothing, after all, what do you have to lose besides 1 minute of your time?

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