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Ultracargo advances with new terminal in Tocantins to boost fuel supply

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Published 01/03/2024 às 15:41
Ultracargo begins construction
Photo: Marina Goulart Atendimento PR – Private Area

Construction in Palmeirante is a strategic step to reinforce fuel and biofuel logistics in four states

Ultracargo, recognized as the largest independent liquid bulk storage operator in Brazil, has started construction of an ambitious terminal in Palmeirante, Tocantins. This project, which began in January and is expected to be completed in September, represents a significant advance in the company's strategy of consolidating itself as a provider of integrated logistics solutions. The terminal will focus on storing fuels and biofuels, playing a crucial role in supplying Maranhão, Tocantins, Pará and Mato Grosso.

Innovation and safety in construction

The project includes the installation of 13 tanks, 12 of which will be dedicated to storing products such as gasoline, diesel and ethanol, while the 13th tank will be reserved for water, integrating the unit's firefighting system. The infrastructure will adopt modern safety practices, including containment dikes to prevent leaks and advanced firefighting systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Sustainability and social impact

Ultracargo expects the participation of up to 400 professionals in the construction of the terminal, prioritizing local labor and specialists in complex operations from different parts of Brazil. The company emphasizes the importance of sustainability, adopting measures such as water reuse and adequate waste management, strictly following environmental legislation.

The Palmeirante terminal will be strategic for distribution logistics, with road and rail connections, including the VLI network to the Port of Itaqui, where Ultracargo plans to expand its operations. “We are transforming Ultracargo into a reference for integrated logistics solutions, promoting efficient connections between the coast and the interior of the country”, says Leopoldo Gimenes, Executive Director of Operations and Engineering at Ultracargo.

Connection and Capacity

With a storage capacity of 23 thousand m³, the terminal has the potential to begin operations at the beginning of 2025, strengthening the supply infrastructure in the region and contributing to the efficiency of transporting liquid bulk with greater safety and sustainability.

The Expansion of Ultracargo

Ultracargo already operates terminals in strategic locations such as Rondonópolis, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Aratu, Suape, Itaqui and Vila do Conde, in addition to holding 50% of Opla, an ethanol terminal in Paulínia. With more than 1 million cubic meters of static capacity, the company stands out on the national and international scene for its operational excellence and commitment to sustainability.

The new terminal in Palmeirante is another milestone in the trajectory of Ultracargo, which, with almost 60 years of history, reaffirms its role as a leader in logistics solutions and liquid bulk storage, contributing to Brazil's energy and logistics transformation.


Marina GoulartPR Service – Private Area.

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