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A new fuel is the hope of the 21st century, superior to conventional hydrogen, and produced economically from methane. Find out everything in this article

Written by Noel Budeguer
Published 10/07/2024 às 10:55
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Renewable energy progresses with liquid metal, which is more economical than hydrogen and redefines sustainability. Get ready for the energy future!

Renewable energy progresses with new liquid fuel, more economical than conventional hydrogen and redefining sustainability

Na energy transition that the world is going through, the hydrogen is taking on a leading role. However, there is a turquoise fuel willing to take your attention.

It is a liquid metal that is produced underground. If we talk about hydrogen in general, we can say that it is a clean fuel. When consumed in a fuel cell, it only generates water. It can be used to store, transport and supply energy. It is generated from various energy resources, such as natural gas, nuclear energy, biomass, wind energy and photovoltaic energy.

These qualities make H an attractive fuel for different applications such as transportation and electricity generation. Depending on how it is obtained, it can be one type or another, and each type of hydrogen is determined by color, according to its degree of sustainability.

Turquoise hydrogen: no one expected it

So we arrive at the fuel that some consider it better than hydrogen: turquoise hydrogen. In fact, Japanese industrial machinery manufacturer Ebara is working on a new system to generate turquoise hydrogen. Its objective is to be able to commercialize by 2026, taking advantage of the global momentum established in the industry: decarbonization.

Most of the H generated is extracted from fossil fuel sources through an extremely carbon-intensive process. However, the Turquoise hydrogen is obtained from methane contained in natural gas and biogas.

The process by which it is 'born' is called pyrolysis. In the procedure, the Carbon generated is in a solid state, which means it is not released into the atmosphere. The Tokyo-based company teamed up with the National Institute of Materials Science, Shizuoka University and materials manufacturer Taiyo Koko.

This new liquid fuel is produced underground and dethrones hydrogen

This initiative was commissioned by New Energy and Industrial Technologies Development Organization, supported by the government of Japan. The current system extracts both hydrogen and carbon in the same reactor. A ebara wants to extract separately, so that it can obtain different types of solid carbon without compromising the generation of hydrogen.

Solid carbon can be used for several things. It could be carbon black to make tires stronger or carbon fibers intended for vehicles and planes, among other applications.

“We are considering the possibility of partnering with carbon manufacturers, as our goal is to start selling high-quality solid carbon,” said Shinya Yoshihama, head of marketing at Ebara.

Production Hydrogen can also be classified as 'green', producing the fuel using renewable energy sources, or 'blue', when referring to extraction from fossil fuels and using carbon capture and storage technology to mitigate emissions.

Charting a new path to decarbonization

Production green hydrogen does not result in the generation of carbon dioxide, but It is expensive due to the amount of energy required, but complicated carbon facilities remain a fierce obstacle to blue hydrogen.

In this context, the Turquoise hydrogen powerfully draws attention as a more economical alternative to produce a clean fuel (without carbon emissions), which depends on the source of electricity used to heat the methane. Ebara warns that this Turquoise fuel is crucial to achieving a “sustainable society”.

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